How to Repair Motorcycle Head Gasket

A head gasket, the material that sits between the block and the cylinder head. Its work is to keep what’s in the cylinder in the cylinder and what isn’t in the cylinder out of the cylinder. And a blown-up head gasket means, it’s damaged and there’s a leak path that leaks the coolant into the cylinders.

When a head gasket acts up, the engine might run like crap and probably sound awful. There’s might be a lot of visible smoke coming out from the tailpipe. However, there’s not necessarily a sound every time it goes wrong.

So, if you find anything unusual with your bike, you should visit your mechanic. Or you should check it out immediately if you know your way around motorcycle engines. Running a damaged bike means damaging the engine more. And additional damage means more bucks out of your pocket, and you don’t want that for sure.

Now, let’s get back the track, head gasket fixing. It’s not that complicated, it shouldn’t be a problem for an amateur to fix it if you have the right gears and follow some super easy steps. Let’s get started.

First of all, you need to take away the fuel tank, exhaustion headers, or other obstacle parts from your bike as instructed in the user manual. In the case of liquid-cooled engines, you have to drain the coolant as instructed in the manual. Make sure to set the removed parts aside in a safe place to avoid any damage.

After you are done with removing those, loosen the bolts of the cylinder head and slowly detach the cylinder head from the engine. Now you can see the damaged gasket that is causing all the trouble. If the gasket is not damaged, and still your engine runs oddly, there’s another issue. Better show it to a professional in that case.

Well, if the head gasket is really gets damaged, you need to replace it. Remove the old one from the cylinder, use a gasket scraper to remove any old remnants from the cylinder head gasket and the cylinder surfaces.

Moving on to the next step, gently coat the new gasket with dressing and place it on the surface of the cylinder. You’ll find the head gasket in any nearby automobile store or online. Make sure the one you purchase fits with your bike model.

Now put back the cylinder head and the head bolts in the right place. Try not to lose any bolts, you’ll be in hell lots of troubles if you do so. Tighten all the bolts on the cylinder head as instructed in the manual.

Congratulations! You have successfully replaced the head gasket of your motorcycle. Hold on a bit, don’t forget about the exhaust headers, fuel tank, and the other stuff you removed from the bike. Put’em in the right place and tighten the bolts to attach them or attach them as instructed in the user manual. Refill the cooling function with fresh coolant if you have a liquid-cooled motorcycle.

Well, that’s it, that’s all you need to do to replace or fix the motorcycle the head gasket.

To keep your motorcycle in shape, it’s important to take care of it. Replacing the head gasket of the bike is one of the few maintenances that you can do if you have some knowledge of this stuff. It’s not that difficult, all you have to do is remove the old gasket and put on a new one. Try not to void the warranty if your bike is under warranty. In case you don’t understand how to do it or it might be difficult for your bike, you can always go to an expert.

Good day!

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