AHR H-VEN30 Helmet Review – 2023 Update

Getting a helmet on a tight budget was never an easy job, I’m afraid it’ll ever be. There are just too many options and you might feel confused about any particular helmet is worth the shot or not. However, if you are confused or not sure about what to pick, no worries I’ve got you covered. You’ll find some of the convenient budget-friendly helmets on our best budget dual-sport helmet list. And this AHR helmet is one of them. Check out this AHR H-VEN30 helmet review.

The AHR H-VEN30 is a very affordable dual-sport helmet with some of the basic features that you might need on an adventure tour. The greatest plus point of this helmet is probably the very reasonable price this helmet comes in, it’s a DOT safety rated helmet on top of that. So if you want a functional adventure helmet on a tight budget, you can check this one out for sure.

Let’s just find out what this H-VEN30 helmet got in its bag in our detailed break down of this helmet.

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” – J.K. Rowling

AHR H-VEN30 Helmet Review

Structure and Design

This helmet here is a low-budget helmet, you might see this line everywhere in this review or any other review of this AHR helmet. It is what it is, it’s kind of hard to get the features of the Best Motorcycle Helmet from a lid that costs only one third or one-fourth of any premium one. However, when you see the price of this thing, it’s not too shabby I guess.

The design and the structure of this helmet are pretty simple actually, MX styling, also comes with a face shield and a peak. That’s the basic structure of most of the adventure helmet you’ll find out there.

Like the other dual-sport helmets the peak is easily removable, it’s the same as any other helmet peak removal mechanism. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any peak adjustment system, that acceptable I guess.

And when you remove the peak, this helmet turns into something similar to the low profile full-face helmet. That’s the plus point for these adventure helmets, you can use them both on the streets as a regular use helmet. And also take them as a dirt bike helmet, on a weekend adventure ride.


A well-ventilated helmet is kind of a must whether you take an adventure ride or a typical day to day ride. Especially on the hot summer day, you’ll need a helmet that intakes enough air to keep your head cool.

In this AHR H-VEN30 helmet, you’ll find 5 air vents overall, that felt kind of not enough, to be honest. I mean the chin area has vents that’s fine but in the forehead area, under the peak, there are no vents. And that might lead to your chin getting cool enough but the hair getting hot.

There are some other helmets that actually did a great job here, take the HJC DS X-1 for an example.

Safety Measurements

Basically, the sole reason for wearing a helmet is to protect your head in action. You need something that will ensure your road safety and the minimum requirement here is a DOT approval.

At the price this helmet comes, you might be a bit concerned about the safety level of this helmet. You can rest assured because this helmet got DOT certification and that means you can wear it on the streets of the US.

And for the helmet shell material, this helmet comes with an ABS shell, which is pretty much expected at this budget I guess. However, if you want to upgrade the safety level, you can raise the budget a little bit and get the Bell MX-9.

Not to mention, the fastening mechanism here is the standard Double D-ring, but it depends on the supplier actually. But you can get a quick release one and fit it to the helmet at any time.

Face Shield or Visor

Visibility is also essential when you are talking about a motorcycle helmet. Eventually, if you can’t clearly see what’s ahead, the ride can be extremely dangerous. This one here is a budget helmet, after all, so you can’t expect it to perform like the premium Arai XD4.

However, the shield of this H-VEN30 helmet isn’t that bad, it seemed to be fine considering the price point. The shield is actually bendable and it’s made out of PC or Polycarbonate, which is also slightly impact-resistant.

Like most other dual-sport helmets you’ll find the shield changing mechanism is connected to the peak. And one thing impressive about this shield is you can open it with both hands. That’s something helpful to the people who like to open the visor with the left or right hand.


If you can’t feel comfortable while riding your motorcycle on an adventure ride then the same ride can be a pain for you. You can’t keep the helmet on your head because you are too uncomfortable and also can’t take the helmet off for safety reasons.

So, it’s quite important to choose a helmet that actually comfortable enough and also fits you properly. This AHR helmet got a padded interior inside the shell, which is basically the same material you’ll see in most other budget helmets.

Of course, you can’t expect the same level of comfortable fabric as the Klim Krios out of this entry-level one. But the interior is not too shabby either if you manage to find the right fitting.

Fitting and Size

Like I said fitting and sizing are also important, you don’t want the helmet to pop your eyeball out or waggle around in the air when you ride. So, it’s a good idea to measure your head shape first and then search for a helmet that you wish for.

This AHR H-VEN30 helmet here has a size chart from Small (55-56 cm) to X-Large (61-62 cm). And for the inner shape of the helmet, it should be an Intermediate Oval, which is the average head shape on the market.


  • Great value for the money
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Easy peak removal
  • Good ADV helmet in a budget
  • DOT approved


  • Not so good build quality
  • Might fog up quickly
  • Loud


Well, the most positive thing about this helmet is probably its price. I mean the price this helmet comes that’ll get you only the face shield of some of the premium helmets. But we are talking about this AHR H-VEN30 helmet because of it, the price this helmet comes.

Yes, it’s loud and might be not for you if you are looking for something premium or more reliable. But this thing will definitely get you through some good adventure time if are running low on the budget. Or looking for a helmet to try out new things or something like that.

However, if it’s for a long trip or a ride that might involve a higher chance of a crash. I suggest it would be a good idea to raise the budget and get a better one, there’s actually a bunch of them out there. Such as the Bell MX-9, O’Neal Sierra 2, or Scorpion EXO AT-950.

Hope you find just the helmet you are looking for, Good Day!

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