Fly Racing Dirt Trekker Helmet Review of 2023

Looking for Fly Racing Dirt Trekker Helmet Review? Check out our updated post. It’s another great value for the money helmet on our budget dual-sport helmet list. The Fly Racing Dirt Trekker is an entry-level helmet with the cool and useful features of an adventure or dual-sport helmet.

The thing about these ADV helmets is they are both suitable for a dirt bike ride and a day-to-day street ride. You’ll often see the best motorcycle helmets are made for a specific riding style. But these adventure helmets are versatile in many ways. So, is this Fly Trekker helmet, you can take it to your off-road tours and also use it as your everyday street helmet. On top of that this helmet comes at a very reasonable price.

Let’s take a look at our detailed breakdown of this Fly Racing Trekker helmet and find out what it got inside the bag.

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” -J.K. Rowling

Structure and Design

It’s a dual-sport helmet, You get the idea of how it is right? It’s something between a street helmet and a dirt bike helmet. And you can use this helmet as a dirt bike helmet and also as a day-to-day full-face helmet. I guess that applies to most of the adventure helmets out there, like the O’Neal Sierra II, which is also a budget DS helmet.

The peak of this Fly Racing helmet is easily removable and it’s an adjustable peak. Most of the budget ADV helmets and motocross helmets usually doesn’t have this feature. But some of the entry-level helmets also got it, such as this helmet and AFX FX-41 DS. And the peak has air channels in it, this will help to reduce the drag at speed.

When you talk about the drag, it’s also concerned with the aerodynamics. And it’s obvious that it won’t be as aerodynamically smooth as the premium Arai XD-4 helmet. You can tell by looking at the price difference anyway but as a budget helmet, I don’t think it’s too shabby.
And there are side plates covers available with this adventure helmet. These will give the helmet more of a street helmet profile when you remove the peak visor.


When doing an off-road or adventure ride, one thing that you’ll probably need the most. And that is good airflow inside your helmet. Well, on a hot summer day a helmet that doesn’t have a decent ventilation structure, is nothing better than a pressure cooker. So, keep an eye on the ventilation of any helmet you buy that has at least a good enough ventilation structure that doesn’t turn your brain into an omelet.

This Fly Racing Trekker helmet has a ventilation structure that’s good enough. This helmet comes equipped with something they call a High-Flow ventilation system. That has 16 vents in total, which is great, to be honest. You get 6 intake vents that are adjustable along with 2 always open intakes. And to let the hot air out of the helmet, this helmet got 8 rear exhaust vents.

All these vents effectively take in the fresh air and suck out all the hot air from inside. However, you’ll be heartbroken if you expect it to be as good as a premium helmet like the Shoei Hornet X2. After all, the Trekker is a budget dual-sport helmet, and this one does its job just fine.

Safety Measurements

Well, safety, when riding on an adventure or off-roading full of roads and trails with twists and turns. You really need something on your head that protects it. Rest assured, this one is a DOT and ECE rated helmet and it’s trusted by many adventures out there over the years.

As expected, the shell of this budget helmet is a Polymer or Polly Alloy shell. That might not be something to shout about but when you look at the amount of money you are paying for it, it’s good enough.

And for max impact absorption, it got a Dual-layer EPS liner, the outer layer slightly harder and the inner one softer. And all these will give you enough safety as a budget helmet should do.

Face Shield or Visor

As the name dual-sport helmet suggests, the helmet should be able to perform well both on and off-road. And to do well on the road as a street helmet, you need a good face shield, a shield that is optically correct and also doesn’t fog up easily.

This Fly helmet got a clear shield and you can also get a tinted and mirror version of the shield separately. However, the shield of this helmet isn’t Pinlock ready, instead, it has its own anti-fog coating. This might be not as good as the Pinlock insert, so you should keep that in mind. Also, there’s an anti-scratch coating on the shield, which will eventually make the shield last longer. There is a shield lock mechanism in this helmet, which ensures a perfect seal when you close the face shield.

Another thing that is cool about this helmet is the shield is specially designed to perfectly blend with the goggles. This feature you might also see in some of the other helmets such as the HJC DS X1 and some of the other helmets. Not to mention the shield changing mechanism also seems quite easy and fast. Overall, this might not be the best helmet shield out there but as an entry-level helmet face shield, it half bad.


An adventure motorcycle tour is adventurous when you feel comfortable riding your motorcycle. And when you feel comfortable riding your motorcycle? It is when the helmet you are wearing is not too tight that your eyes are about to pop out. And also a helmet that is too large that it’s wagging around your head because of the airflow.

What I’m trying to say is the helmet should be comfortable and nice fitting. And for this Trekker helmet, the interior of this helmet is made of Qwick-Dry material and Hydrophilic liner. It’s both comfortable and moisture-wicking. You shouldn’t expect it to be as good as the Bell Race Star premium helmet, but it’s good enough for the money.

Fitting and Size

Fitting is important, and an unfit premium helmet might not be as comfortable as a fit budget helmet. So, it’s a must to check out the fitting of a helmet you are spending your money on.

For this Fly Racing Trekker helmet, it comes from X-Small to 2X-Large size. That’s not too different from most of the budget helmets you’ll find nowadays also, it got 2 shell sizes. And the inner shape of this Trekker helmet is an Intermediate Oval, which is the average head shape in the western bike world.


  • Great value for the money
  • Dual-density EPS liner
  • High-Flow ventilation system
  • Hydrophilic comfort liner
  • Reasonably lightweight
  • Includes Side plate covers


  • Loud noise level
  • Not so good quality shield
  • Might not be so good for a long run


Overall, the Fly Racing Trekker is a budget dual-sport helmet. This one won’t be as good as some of the more pricy helmets out there for sure. The more you invest the more you get, that goes for helmets too.

So, if you are ore on a budget and you need a helmet that will allow you to do off-roading. And also won’t give you a hassle on your everyday commute or adventure tour, this helmet might be right for you.

If you looking for something like this, you might also like some of the other helmets similar to this. Such as LS2 Helmets Blaze, O’Neal Sierra II, or Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS.

Hopefully our Fly Racing Dirt Trekker Helmet Review satisfied your quarries. All the adventure lovers out there, ride safe, ride hard!

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