How to Repair Motorcycle Helmet Liner?

How to Repair Motorcycle Helmet Liner

Looking for answer of how to repair motorcycle helmet liner? Lets drive below.

When it comes to the safety of motorcycle riders, everyone knows that a full-face helmet is way better than an open-face one. It can save you from any potential crash and it can even save your life. That’s why everybody says, ‘Helmet saves lives’, and it’s 100% true.

However, like everything else, it also has another side of the coin. The liner of the helmet gets damaged and loosen after you use it for a couple of years. But no worries! You can fix your best motorcycle helmet and bring it back to life and make it as safe as a brand new one. Here, I’ll show you just the thing you need to do that.

First of all, you have to take away the old padding to make a place for the new one. An adhesive remover will help you do that. You can purchase one from any motorcycle supply store, along with new padding and liner. If you have small helmet, you need to measure the liner first before you buy.

Use the adhesive remover to remove the old padding from the helmet. Try not to damage the helmet in the process, it’ll be such a waste. After completely removing the padding from the helmet, wipe off the extra remover from the helmet.

Naturally, helmets come in different sizes, so it’s important to buy the perfect padding that fits your helmet. If the new padding you bought fits your helmet perfectly, then your job here is done. In case it’s not the correct size, you can cut the padding to adjust it into the helmet. After you make it a perfect fit for the helmet, the next step is to glue it to the helmet.

Before you attach it to the helmet, make sure it fits perfectly, adjust it if necessary, otherwise it may mass up your hair, if it is not fit perfectly. Gently Put on the glue on the inside surface of the helmet. Now place the padding you made inside of the helmet, where you applied the glue. Make sure you put the padding in the right place before the glue dries and attaches permanently.

Put all the padding one by one and glue it in the helmet. After that, place the fabric liner that covers the padding carefully and put glue on all the edges politely. The edges of the fabric should be inserted in the padding before you dry it.

Let the glue dry properly and after it’s dry, check if all the padding and fabric lining is attached completely. If you find any loose corner just apply some glue on it and let it dry and it’s ready to go.

If the padding becomes very loose and still remains loose after gluing it, then you might have to buy a new helmet, it’s a safety issue after all. But If the helmet is not cracked, any part of the helmet can be fixed including the liner. So, when your helmet acts up and the helmet becomes loose-fitting, you know what to do.

Ride safe!

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