How to Repair Motorcycle Helmet Liner?

Repairing a motorcycle helmet liner is not that hard. Still, it can be a little bit frustrating if you don’t know-how. However, before tearing apart your old motorcycle helmet liner, you have to know how much you can ‘repair.’

The best way to repair a motorcycle helmet liner is to replace the old liner with a new one. Many people follow the DIY method and make a liner out of foam by themselves. But how safe and cozy those handmade helmet liners will be? That’s a very questionable question! Wait, did I just say ‘questionable question’?

Anyways, If you are having any issues with your motorcycle helmet inner liner, you are gonna get the safe and right way to do that now! Stay tuned!

Can a motorcycle helmet liner be repaired?

A motorcycle helmet liner can be repaired, but it is not always possible. Depending on the level of the damage, a repair may only involve replacing the liner. In some cases, however, the entire helmet may need to be replaced.

Helmets nowadays have a removable inner liner that lets you remove and wash it. And you can easily replace it if the liner is flattened or worn out. However, the problem arises when we are talking about non-removable helmet liners. In those, you can not remove the liner without tearing them apart because it’s attached with glue most of the time. So, if your non-removable helmet liner is too worn out, it might be a good idea to get a brand new helmet with updated features.

How To Replace Motorcycle Helmet Liner- Step-by-Step Guide

If you have a removable helmet liner and it’s worn out, the best solution will be to replace it for better comfort and safety. And to replace your helmet liner, simply follow these simple steps.

# Step-1: Getting a replacement helmet liner (locally)

Finding the best helmet liner for your helmet can be tricky for some people. There are so many models of helmets, and it’s hard to find out what fits what. But you can always go to your helmet store where you purchased your helmet. They’ll most likely find you a new replacement motorcycle helmet liner. If you can’t find the replacement liner locally, you can try searching online; it’s easier.

# Step-2: Getting a replacement helmet liner (online)

For finding a replacement helmet liner, you can use many online platforms such as Amazon. Once you are on Amazon, try searching for a replacement helmet liner for your specific helmet. Let’s take the Shoei Neotec 2 as an example. To find the replacement inner liner for this helmet, I would go to Amazon and search for ‘Shoei Neotec 2 helmet replacement liner’. And that should give you the replacement liner you are looking for; you can try the same for cheek pads.

# Step-3: Removing the old helmet liner

Once you get the replacement liner, it’s time to remove the old liner. Most helmets nowadays have snaps inside that keep the inner liner and the helmet together. There should be 2 or 3 snaps on the front forehead area. And some Velcro straps should be at the rear end of the liner to hold it inside the helmet. Some helmets might have different setups, but they should be similar to this. So, remove the older helmet liner.

# Step-4: Installing the new helmet liner

Now that the old helmet liner is removed from the helmet, you can see the EPS liner of the helmet. There should be many safety and ventilation structures inside, such as the MIPS, in the Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS helmet. Don’t worry; you can let it be as it is; all you have to do is attach the new liner. Again, ensure the helmet and inner liner models are identical; you’ll face trouble fitting the liner. Finally, attach the snaps and the Velcro straps, and the dork is done.

Can you replace the helmet liner with foam?

You wear a helmet to protect your head when you ride a motorcycle. The helmet has a special liner made of EPS foam that protects your brain if you fall. If you cut the EPS liner on your helmet, it could weaken the strength and safety of the helmet. So be careful not to mess with the EPS liner on your helmet – it’s important for your safety!

And for the comfort liner, the layer sits between the EPS liner and your head; you can easily replace that. And the method is mentioned earlier. However, if you want to replace that with DIY foam and padding lying around your house, I’m not so sure about how cozy or safe it’ll be.

Why is the helmet liner uncomfortable?

The most common reason for an uncomfortable helmet liner is wearing a helmet that doesn’t fit with your head shape. If your new helmet is uncomfortable, there’s a good chance it’s smaller or bigger than your head. The incorrect internal shape can also cause discomfort. For example, you have a Long Oval head shape, and you are wearing a Round Oval shaped helmet. Obviously, you’ll feel pressure at the front and back of your head. So, make sure the helmet you are wearing matches your head shape.

If something is irritating your skin or hair, you can try wearing a Skull cap on your head before wearing the helmet. Check out our detailed post related to this.

What to do with dirty helmet liner?

A dirty helmet liner is something you don’t want for sure, but you can easily take care of that. Most modern helmets have removable and washable interiors or liners. Therefore, you can easily remove and wash the dirty helmet liner; the same goes for non-removable helmet liners. Check out our post about washing a non-removable helmet liner to learn more.

Tips about repairing motorcycle helmet liner

  • Maintain the inner liner properly
  • Clean the inner liner regularly
  • Wear a Skull cap or Bandana if possible
  • Clean the helmet when it’s dirty
  • If the helmet is too old (older than 5-7 years), it’s time to get a new one!


The best way to repair a helmet liner is to replace it. You can do some stitching and sewing if the edge of the liner comes loose or it feels uncomfortable. But your safety and comfort might be compromised If you want to start from scratch. So take care of your helmet liner, clean it regularly, and it’ll last longer. And wearing a too old helmet is not a good choice anyway. Hope you can find your solution to your helmet liner, Good Day!

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