10 Best Low Profile Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

For most of the smaller people, finding a good looking full-face motorcycle helmet becomes quite tough. Because almost every one of them you try makes you look like a bubble head and that might make you salty I can tell. However, in reality, the helmet always feels bigger than it truly looks on your head.

When you look at a full-face helmet and decide if it seems over sized or not, you actually look at its shell size, not its fitting size. And when it comes to safety, undoubtedly a full-face helmet is the safest one out there.

Best Low Profile Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

To be honest, it’s pretty tough to get the best of both sides, a low profile full-face motorcycle helmet.

However, you might find your desired helmet if you look for it. You can hunt for the helmet brands with different shell sizes, search all over the internet. Unfortunately, no one is talking about this so it’s really hard to get the right information. But here, I’m gonna spill the tea with you and help you find the perfect one that might be the best riding partner for you.

10 Small Motorcycle Helmet USP Inner Size Price
Pinlock® EVO
Int. Oval
Int. Oval
3K Carbon Shell
Int. Oval
Vintage Style
Round Oval
VAS Shield System
Long Oval
Budget Friendly
Round Oval
Int. Oval
Ellip-Tec Ratchet
Int. Oval
Approved Worldwide
Long Oval
Ultra-wide face shield
Int. Oval

Best Low Profile Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


  • Double-thickness EPS liner
  • Greater ventilation
  • Liner with 3D Maximum-Dry Structure
  • E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick-Release System) Shield
  • Lens pull-out Included 
  • Pinlock pins Included 
  • Advanced Wind Tunnel Tested Shell Design
  • Ideal Liner and Shell Aerodynamics Mechanisms Cut Annoying Road Noise
  • Precisely Secure Chinstrap
  • Chin Screen and Breath Guard Included
best bike helmet for narrow face
best bike helmet for small head


  • Helmet Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • 4 different shell sizes
  • Certified by DOT
  • Certified by Snell M2015
  • Five-stage spinning dial for shield plate fine-alteration
  • CWR-1 Visor System

One of the most beloved helmets of our list is this RF-1200 from Shoei. And it was designed to be a perfect combination of protection, performance, and comfort. The solid andaerodynamic shape shell of this helmet reduces wind-noises and its weight is only 3.5 lbs.

The slender design of this helmet and its light-weight makes it easier to put it on and take off. The reason why it’s in our favorite list is that it comes with four shell sizes and you can choose the XS size shell. If you put on your jacket this helmet should look perfect on your head.


  • CAAF built shell (Carbon/ Aramidic / Fiberglass)
  • Multi-thickness EPS
  • channels scooped straight in the shell with IVS (Integrated Ventilation System)
  • The face shield is tailored with a twist mechanism which offers a picture-perfect seal with the shell
  • A dual-purpose face shield locking system reduces the risk of accidental opening
  • The interior outline of the helmet exactly designed to cut the danger of collar bone impact 
  • The shape of the helmet considered to combine aerodynamically with the bump on the race outfit
  • XQRS (Extra Quick Release System) metal face shield system for tool-free and fast removal
  • Fundamental air vent for ideal airflow
  • Adjustable helmet liner allows the choice of a warmer or cooler side
  • Safety release system to take away cheek pads in case of an accident
best helmet for small heads AGV Unisex Corsa R Adult Helmet


  • Helmet Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 3.63 lbs
  • Four sizes shell
  • Four sizes EPS
  • Visual class 1 face shield, up to 5mm dense
  • Double D-ring holding system
  • Variable vents
  • Max Vision Pinlock Insert Lens Included
  • Tear-offs Included

The Corsa R is a pro-level helmet from the Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer AGV. It is designed while maintainingthe same development procedureand research as AMV’s star Pista GP which is a Moto GP level Helmet.

The ventilation and shell design of the Corsa is also the same as the Pista GP. Except Corsa’s shell is made of a blending of aramid fibers and carbon with typical fiberglass instead of full carbon build. Also, it has 4 shell and EPS sizes, you can pick the one you like from there.


  • Flex Effect Liner
  • Virus Cool Jade Mesh Liner
  • Panovision RaceViewport
  • A more qualified fit and improved performance at high speed
  • Enhanced aerodynamics using Bell’s wind tunnel
  • Field-tested
  • Magnefusion cheekpads
  • Upgraded by working with proriders on the race track
  • The aerodynamics are tuned fine with innovative riding simulations
  • Zippered helmet bag included
best low profile helmet bell race star sector helmet rollover


  • Helmet Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 3.9lbs
  • 6 EPS sizes
  • 5 shell sizes
  • 3K Carbon Shell
  • Meets or exceeds Snell M2015 certification
  • Meets or exceeds DOT certification

The Race Star Sector Helmet is that has a small shell and also provides top-class safety. The helmet is made with carbon-fiber technology and it’s hugely upgraded with track and wind tunnel testing.

It has the amazing performance, appearances, and touch of a real racing helmet, thanks to the 3K carbon shell. You’ll find this beauty in five shell sizes and six EPS sizes, you might find just the one you are looking for if you ask for the XS shell size of this model.

What’s more, this helmet respectively surpasses DOT and Snell M2015 certifications. Also, you’ll get a zip-up helmet bag with this Bell helmet.


  • The Bell Bullitt is a first-class retro choice
  • A brown internal liner and a brown pull tab face shield for the Black helmets have 
  • A black internal liner and a black pull tab face shield for the Matte Black & White helmet
  • Multi-Thickness EPS liner
  • Pricked micro-suede inner fabric with a leather fit
  • Detachable, washable, and anti-bacterial internal
  • Stainless steel D-Ring strap
  • Padded chin strap with leather pull tab
  • 3D Censored cheek pads with speaker pockets
  • Magnefusion shield closing structure
  • The helmet delivers with a flat shield, Bubble Shield also presented and sold individually for added vintage style
best low profile motorcycle helmet bell bullitt helmet rollover


  • Helmet Shape: Round Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 3.924lbs
  • Ultra low-profile fiber composite shell
  • 5 Metal Mesh intake vents
  • 1 rear exhaust vent
  • 3 shell sizes
  • SM: XS and SM Helmets
  • MD: MD and LG Helmets
  • LG: XL and 2XL Helmets
  • DOT and ECE Certified
  • Five-year warranty

Another helmet from Bell, the Bullitt is a vintage-looking helmet with modern safety qualification. Its shell is made of a low-profile fiber compound and it has a multi-thickness EPS linerto make sure it meets modern DOT guidelines.

This premium retro helmet interior is totally removable and washable.And it has a micro-suede inner material with leather slim. And it comes with three shell sizes while maintaining its vintage style.


  • Provides more fine-tuning and improved drift-through performance
  • Doublepurposecontrols release both pod and face shield
  • Admirable visibility in all-time of the year thanks to the VAS MAX Vision face shield and Pinlock addition
  • Fast and humble face shield removal
  • VAS (Variable Axis System) shield key system
  • Captures and grips the face shield locked and offers a de-mist situation
  • Clear PinlockInsertIncluded
  • QVF & QVR higher ventilation channels seem familiar
  • Neckroll is detachable and has extra exhaust networks to get rid ofinternal heat
  • Emergency Release Flaps included Cheek pads
  • Shell has excellentstretchy strength due to a diversity of wisely-placedsupplies and light resin
best low profile open face helmet Arai Signet X Solid Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet
best motorcycle helmet for skinny guys arai signet x helmet frost black


  • Helmet Shape: Long Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 3.53lbs
  • PB-SCLC made Shell
  • Snell 2015 and DOT approved
  • 5mm peel away cheek pads

Arai Signet-X helmet, this one proved its capabilities in racing tracks and other high demanding conditions. The helmet shell is constructed with a perfect blend ofmore than a fewelements and methodsoriginallyformed by Arai.

And it’s DOT and Snell 2015 approved, that means this helmet provides both top-class safety while being within the budget range of common folks. This helmet seems smaller in size than most of the helmets out there, wearing this one with a jacket on might just work out for you.


  • The helmet shape has been specially designed around the base to decrease the danger of collar bone damages
  • The ventilation structure was planned and improved in a wind tunnel
  • Tool-free detachment and replace faceshield quickly withXQRS (X-tra Quick Release System) visor system.
  • Enhanced seal and defense against wind noise and drafts with the help of PVS (Perimetrical Visor Seal) Faceshield mechanism
  • 100% safety from ultraviolet rays with GT4 scratch-resistant and pinlock insert included
  • Scratch-resistant Integrated drop-down Sun Visor (ISV) and it’s simply replaceable
  • The completelychangeable and washable 3D interior liner and cheek pads
  • Double-D ring chin strap included
  • Windproof chin strap guard isdetachable
  • Changeable breath deflector
best riding helmet for small head agv k3 sv full face helmet


  • Helmet Shape: Round Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 3.63lbs
  • Shell structured withHIR-TH (High Resistance Thermoplastic Resin)
  • 2 shell sizes
  • 4 EPS sizes enhanced using the FEM (Finite Elements Analysis) system
  • 2 rear extractors vents and 4 front vents
  • DOT approved

One of the most affordable helmets in our list, the K3 SV from AGV looks kind of similar to the premium Pista GP and Corsa helmets. The difference is those are made of light and high-quality materials like carbon fibers.While this gentleman comes with HIR-TH (High Resistance Thermoplastic Resin) shell construction.

Don’t take this one lightly, this helmet also has the approval of DOT. Which means it’s perfectly legal to ride a motorcycle wearing this helmet in the United States. The K3 SV also gives you the option to choose between 2 shell sizes and 4 EPS sizes, you can just pick the one you desire.


  • Wind and road noise decreases severely with padded wind collar
  • Includes Evolutions Adaptive Shield
  • Changeable ventilation structure for cooling and ease
  • Changeable/washable, moisture-wicking internal
  • Anti-scratch,ultraviolet rays protected and NutraFog II superior anti-fog shield
  • Customized cheek pads
  • Combined speaker pockets
  • Padded chin strap with D-ring finish
  • Breath deflector and chin screen included
  • Aerodynamic shape reduces knocking and lift
  • The easiest,quickest, tool-free shield change with ClickRelease
best small motorcycle helmet Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Helmet


  • Helmet Shape: Round Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 3.63lbs
  • MIPS Multi-Directional Impact Protection Structure for an intensely improved rotating impact energy shift
  • Light polycarbonate shell
  • 3 shell sizes
  • SM: XS and SM
  • MD: MD and LG
  • LG: XL and 2XL
  • 5-year warranty
  • DOT and ECE certified

Well, another awesome budget helmet from the giant company Bell, the Qualifier DLX MIPS offers a light polycarbonate shell. And the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. That intensely improves the rotating impact force dislocation that ensures the rider’s safety. Thats why we select Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS as our one of the best  dual sport helmet!

The helmet comes with a Transitions Adaptive Shield, which is something to shout about, to be honest. And the Click Release shield change system is easy and fast and it’s pretty impressive. And of course the shell sizes, you got three options to pick from including XS size.


  • An elliptical motion Ellip-Tec Ratchet Structure
  • Twin mouth vents one performs as a defroster and the other performs as a defroster and ventilation
  • EverClear anti-fog coating on EverClear drop-down sun visor 
  • Fast and100% tool-less shield shifting
  • Anti-scratch covering and 100% ultraviolet rays protection withEverClear No-Fog Face Shield
  • 11cm wide eye port for greater marginal vision and downhill visibility
  • Communication structure speaker pockets
  • Detachable block off plates included
  • KwikWick II anti-bacterial liner for maintaining the perfect temperature
  • Kwikfit cheek pads for easy on and off
motorcycle helmets for small heads ScorpionEXO-Unisex-Adult-Modular Flip Up Adventure Touring Motorcycle Helmet


  • Collapsible metal visor hardware
  • 3 shell sizes
  • Innovative LG Polycarbonate shell  impact displacement
  • Dual thickness EPS developed multi-layer EPS
  • Intake vents for air in while exhaust vents for hot air removal
  • 5-year warranty
  • DOT certified

The allrounder of the helmet world, EXO-AT950 Neocon from Scorpion offers the best of both worlds of an off-road and a touring helmet. The elliptical motion Ratchet System allows you to ensure a fit seal twitching the shield securely against the eye-port.

The helmet’s metal peak visor is easily removable so you can just detach it and make it aerodynamic profile whenever you plan to hit the highway. And this DOT certified helmet has 3 different shell sizes so you get the option to pick the small one.


  • Numerouslarge exhaust and intakesports
  • Fog-free internal sun shield
  • Detachable Hydradry moisture-wicking lining
  • Cast breath deflector
  • Changeable side plates
  • Recessed dual-channel vent cooling structure
  • Fastchangeable fog-free visor
  • Chin screen
smallest shell full face helmet icon airflite helmet black rollover


  • Helmet Shape: Long or Intermediate Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 3.79lbs
  • Injection-molded polycarbonate shell for strength
  • 3 shell sizes: XS-SM, MD-LG, XL-3XL
  • Meets or exceeds All world standard 

An aggressive looking full-face helmet, the Icon Airflite helmet is suitable for both high-speed riding and ADV or touring. What gives the shell strength is its injection-molded polycarbonate make. However, you can get the MIPS Brain Defense System if you spend a few bucks and go with the Airflite MIPS Stealth version of this helmet.

The helmet got Several large intake and exhaustion ports along with a fog-free and quick-change visor. Your safety is guaranteed because the Airflite helmet meets or exceeds all world safety standards.Also, it has three shell sizes, XS-SM, MD-LG, XL-3XL.


  • VPS internal sun shield with ultraviolet ray 400 guard
  • Extra-wide face shield
  • Pinlock-prepared face shield
  • IncludesPinlock insert lens
  • Washable cheek pads
  • Clima Ease lining
  • Eyewear adaptive
  • N-Com Bluetooth system
  • Ventilation structure with AirBooster technology
  • Microlock dual lever holding structure
best bike helmet small head
best small bike helmet


  • Helmet weight: 3.76 lbs
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • 2 shell sizes: 2XS-MD and LG-3XL
  • DOT

A quality full-face helmet from Nolan,the N87 has a great design along withfine mechanical details. It comes with anextra-wide and pin-lockready face shield. Also, you’ll get an internal sun shield.

The DOT-approved helmet has a construction of Polycarbonate shell and it comes with two shell sizes, LG-3XLand 2XS-MD.

A Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guideline in Short

You shouldn’t just hop on a motorcycle wearing any helmet you find, distracted riders are more likely to make mistakes. So you must pick one that you feel most comfortable wearing. And you can pick the perfect one if you follow these super easy steps.

  1. Select a helmet category and style.
  2. Measure your head sizeandshape.
  3. Put the helmet on.
  4. Check for correctfitting.
  5. Spend about half an hour wearingthe helmet.
  6. Everything feelsokay? Go for it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answer: Yes, there are also German-style World War I And II Style Helmets that are approved by DOT. The approved The Daytona Helmets are also DOT approved, meaning they are safe to wear while you ride your motorcycle.

Answer: Well, there is DOT approved open-face helmet available, which means it’s legal to ride a motorbike wearing them. However, they won’t guard your face. Also, you’ll need glasses to protect your eyes from wind and dirt. So, open face helmets are safe to wear but not the safest one.

Answer: When we talk about safety, there’s actually no comparison between an open face helmet and a Full-face one. Researches show that your front right/left jaw area is more likely to have a greater impactif you happen to be is a crash. So full-face helmets are way safer than the open-face ones.


A helmet is the only trusted safety gear that will protect even in a crash. So, it’s important to wear a helmet every time you ride your motorcycle. However, when it comes to small shaped helmets, picking one might be difficult considering safety. But there a few helmets that meet your need by maintain US safety standards.

Well, here it is, our list of the best low profile full face motorcycle helmet and I hope you find the perfect one you are searching for.

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