3 Best Half Helmet No Mushroom Reviews and Buying Guide

There’s one annoying situation that many half helmet lovers might face, and that is mushroom head. And if you ever wondered if there’s any half helmet no mushroom head, then the answer is yes! There are some brain buckets available that will provide you with proper safety and also look good! Lets dig deep into best half helmet no mushroom reviews.

People love half helmets, but they don’t like the mushroom head that comes with them. The problem is that most half head buckets are made with extra paddings and inner layers. And that’s what causes the issue we are talking about, a helmet that looks like a mushroom.

In this article, you will learn about the three best brands and models of half helmets without mushroom heads (and also how to choose one). If you are curious about taking a detailed look at these products, then check out our review section. In the end, there’s a guide where we share all the essential tips about what you should look for in a brain bucket!

Three Best Half Helmets - No More Mushroom Head Motorcycle Helmets!


  • Unique aggressive looks
  • Detachable ear flaps included
  • Kwikwick-2 anti-bacterial interior liner
  • Front chin mask with Neodymium magnets attached
  • SpeedView inner smocked sun visor with an additional clear option


  • Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Weight: 2.95 lbs
  • Shell Construction: Polycarbonate shell
  • Sizes: XS (53-54 cm) to 3XL (65-66 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT certified

Key Features

# Unique aggressive looks: This is indeed a half helmet but if you add the external chin mask and block off the plate, it looks exactly like a full-face helmet. And it looks damn cool!

# Detachable side Block-off Plates: Turn this into a 3/4 helmet with the Block-off plates that come with it. This is really effective on a winter day when you want to cover your ears.

# Kwikwick-2 anti-bacterial interior liner: It’s a nice interior that keeps you cool and dry. And it’s removable, and washable, which is a standard feature in modern-day helmets.

# Front chin mask with Neodymium magnets attached: Now, the exciting part; is the front chin mask or cover. It’s an additional part of this half helmet, that you can attach to your helmet to block dust or simply for looks purposes. Note that this mask thing does not provide any sort of safety because it’s not connected to the main frame of the helmet.

# SpeedView inner smocked sun visor with an additional clear option: You’ll get a smocked built-in sun visor with this helmet, which is pretty cool. And what’s cooler, there’s a clear sun visor included with the helmet for night ride purposes.

Reason to buy

The first thing that’ll come to your mind when looking at this helmet, is it looks damn cool! This helmet has an aggressive look, thanks to the front chin cover and the inner sun visor. You might feel like you are the SWAT elite member after you wear this helmet, just kidding! But this helmet looks fantastic, straight out of an action movie, there’s no doubt. And that solves the mushroom head problem that you are worried about.

Reason to avoid

Isn’t it a half-helmet? So why does it look like a full-face? If that’s what you are concerned about, then you can just remove the extra parts and use it as a half bucket. There’s even an updated version of this helmet, the Scorpion Covert X; you can also check that out. However, not everyone is a fan of aggressive-looking helmets. In that case, the next one might get your attention.


  • Adjustable dual-position shield
  • Flow-through ventilation structure
  • Micrometric quick release chin strap
  • Moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic interior
  • UV-resistant and Scratch resistance drop-down sun visor


  • Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Weight: 2.08 lbs (approx.)
  • Shell Construction: Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) shell
  • Sizes: XS (53-54 cm) to 3XL (65-66 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT certified

Key Features

# Adjustable dual-position shield: Micro adjustment features like these are quite satisfying. Because you can adjust how much you want to drop your sun visor according to your preference.

# Flow-through ventilation structure: The adjustable ventilation structure carries air through the EPS and makes the interior cool.

# Bluetooth-compatible design: You can effortlessly fit the LinkIn Bluetooth unit into this helmet. Other Bluetooth devices should fit as well at the side ear strap.

# Moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic interior: The interior is made with hypoallergenic materials so don’t worry if you have allergy issues. And you can remove and wash it, that’s a standard feature.

# Removable peak visor: There’s a small peak visor at the front end of this helmet. That’s pretty cool; gives you a little bit of shade and you can even remove it if you don’t like it.

Reason to buy

The LS2 Rebellion is another head bucket that will give you a stylish look and, of course, no mushroom head. Helmets from LS2 always have unique stylings and finishes, and this helmet is no different.

The streamlined design perfectly blends with the head shape and looks pretty good. Especially the back end of the helmet, it’s a mix between a three-quarter helmet and a half helmet. And this unique shape of the helmet makes it look awesome. The graphics and the finishing are also pretty impressive.

Reason to avoid

This LS2 Rebellion helmet comes with a quick-release chin strap. That’s pretty convenient and all but not everyone is a fan of that, some riders prefer the Double D. However, you can change the helmet strap yourself if you want to. Also, this is a budget-friendly helmet, if you want a premium half bucket, you can check out the Bell Rogue.


  • Quick-release buckle
  • Great value for the money
  • Comfortable and stylish straps
  • Various graphics options are available
  • Removable and washable inner paddings


  • Shape: Oval
  • Weight: 2.40 lbs
  • Shell Construction: ABS shell
  • Sizes: S (55-56 cm) to 2XL (63-64 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT certified

Key Features

# Quick-release buckle: A pretty convenient way to fasten a motorcycle helmet. Helps to put on and off the helmet real quick.

# Great value for the money: As you can guess, this one is a budget option on our no-mushroom list, it’s the real value for the money!

# Comfortable and stylish straps: The leather finish on the side chin strap feels and looks nice.

# Various graphics options are available: There are some variations of design available for this helmet. So, if you want a budget-friendly stylish helmet that doesn’t look like a mushroom, this is a good choice.

# Removable and washable inner paddings: A removable and washable interior is a must-have in a modern-day motorcycle helmet.

Reason to buy

This one is a budget option on our no-mushroom list, the VCOROS F02 half helmet. Another significant plus point for this helmet is the graphics options; this helmet has some pretty cool graphics and designs! And this one comes with a drop-down sun visor, which is an excellent addition to a budget option. As for the comfort, the section did a great job as it’s good enough despite having a lower price. This is a good option if you are looking for a budget half helmet that doesn’t look like a mushroom.

Reason to avoid

This is a budget option, so it might not give you the features and performance that a premium helmet would. So, you have to compromise a little bit here, or you can go for the Bell Pit Boss, which is also a good helmet on a budget.


  • Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Weight: 1.63 lbs (approx.)
  • Shell Construction: TriMatrix (carbon/Kevlar/fiberglass composite) shell
  • Sizes: XS/S (53-56 cm) to 3XL (63-64 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT certified

Key Features

# Ultra lightweight helmet: This thing weighs 690 (+/- 50g) grams or 1.63 pounds, that’s insanely featherlike.

# Built-in internal sun visor: Even if it’s a half helmet, this one comes with a built-in drop-down sun visor.

# Speed dial adjustment mechanism: Wind pushing or flipping the helmet down when we are riding at speed is not a great feeling. And the Pit Boss brought a nice and effective solution to this straight from the bicycle world. It prevents the helmet from sliding backward and it’s cool!

# Speaker pockets for Intercom units: Speaker pockets are really helpful when you want to communicate with a fellow rider or your passenger.

# Removable neck curtain: The sharp and cold wind blowing at the back of your neck is taken care of with the comfortable neck curtain. And you can remove it by unzipping the curtain to enjoy the helmet in summer.

Reason to buy

The Bell Pit Boss is a quality-of-life half-helmet that happens to be a no-mushroom helmet if the sizing matches. You get an ultra-lightweight helmet (thanks to the mixed fiber composite shell) along with some cool and convenient features. The speed dial system is a pretty genius feature that keeps the damn helmet in its place even if you riding hard at speed. Overall, this is a great commuter half helmet for its convenient features and it’s not a mushroom head.

Reason to avoid

This helmet got some sizing problems, it runs a bit small. So, it’s wiser to order a size small. Also, even if you’ll look less mushroomy wearing this helmet than many other half-helmets out there, the padding is a bit thicker. Well, that’s for your own safety. Also, you can check out the Bell Recon for a cool design!

Best Non Mushroom Half Helmet Buying Guide

Helmet Safety

All the motorcycle helmet experts will tell you that safety should be your top priority while choosing a helmet. This is the most effective safety gear you’ll most likely have when you ride a motorcycle.

So, getting a strong enough helmet is a must, and if you are planning on riding a motorcycle without a helmet, please don’t! Get one of these half helmets instead; they’ll do the job. These Half helmets might not be considered as safe as the full-face ones as they do not protect your chin area. But at least these are way better than riding without a helmet; they will protect your head in any unwanted situation like a crash.

Get a helmet that has at least a DOT certification. The minimum road safety requirement for riding a motorcycle and a helmet with this certification is good enough.

Fitting and Comfort

Another crucial thing to pay attention to when buying a helmet is fitting because a helmet should be comfortable. If it is too big, then it will slide over on your head (especially for a half helmet, as it might float in the air and slide to the backside of your head). And if it is too tight, then you might feel like your eyes are coming out. Neither situation is good, so you should make sure that the helmet fits well and is comfortable to wear.

For a half helmet, watch out for the quality of the inner materials and especially the straps. Always go for the lids that have better and comfortable straps. The low-quality ones might itch or scratch on the side of your face. And they might not be the most comfortable thing to wear over your head, so keep an eye on the straps and buckles.

Features and Stylings

When you buy a helmet, you will want to choose the right one for you and what style you like. Today’s helmets have many amazing features. But, keeping safety ahead, it’s okay to choose any design or graphics you want.

People love this type of helmet because they can find many available options. Take the Scorpion Covert for an example; the front face cover is not there to protect your chin from impact as a full-face helmet. It’s there to shield you from wind blow and dust only. If you want complete safety around your head, the best bet will be the Best Low-profile Full-face Helmet.

Helmet Price

Half helmets don’t tend to cost too much like some modular or dual-sport helmets might cost. And you’ll find some good half helmets under the $100 price point. But, of course, the price might get higher depending on the build quality and the helmet’s features.

It’s okay to look for a helmet within your comfortable budget, but price shouldn’t be the top priority while getting a helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course, half helmets are way better than not having a helmet over your head at all!

But is it better than a full-face helmet? Unfortunately not! As it only covers the upper part of your head and the chin area remains exposed. And in a straight crash, the chis area is most likely to be the most vulnerable part. Where a full-face or modular helmet covers that area with its front part, so it’s safer. But a half helmet is indeed better than not wearing one.

A helmet “mushroom head” means when your head looks literally like a mushroom while you wear a half helmet. It’s kind of relatable with the term “bubblehead” when you wear a full-face helmet that looks bigger on your head. This happens when helmets use too much padding and shells to meet DOT standards having a “mushroom” shape.

A low-profile helmet fits right in with the body and head shape of the wearer, even for a short person. This kind of helmet tends to be thin while being safe enough to wear on the streets. Most people refer to a half or three-quarters helmet as a low-profile one. But you can also find low-profile full-face helmets that are small in shape yet are safe.


No one wants a mushroom on the top of their head instead of a helmet; this happens especially when we talk about half helmets. But don’t think of compromising your safety just because your helmet doesn’t look good. There are a bunch of brain buckets available out there that are both safe and look good!

And we’ve done the digging for you; we’ve brought some of the half helmets with no mushroom head to you. And there’s also a detailed buying guide about what to look for while buying one. I hope you find your desired half helmet and enjoy it!

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