Bell Bullitt Helmet Review

A real vintage-looking helmet, a style that you might call “retro-future”. The Bell Bullitt is a perfect mix of the ’70s or ’80s old-school style with modern comfort and safety. Classic bikes and helmets are getting popular day by day and this helmet sure reflects the classic looks and style.

If you are switching to a full-face helmet from an open-face one, this helmet might be the best one for you. It’ll perfectly match your chopper replacing the ¾ helmet you might have. Not to mention it’s safer at the same time.

However, the Bullitt is indeed a lit helmet with a bunch of drop-dead gorgeous features. Let’s spill the beans with you.

Bell Bullitt Helmet Review: 2021-2022 Update

Structure and Design

As I mentioned before, it’s a retro helmet, it was designed to be a classic beauty. It was made for classic lovers and also for those who are searching for a low-profile helmet. It’s not rare to see classic custom motorcycles ruling the road along with modern ones. Those who love classic motorbikes might like this retro-style helmet.

However, you shouldn’t expect too much from it the aerodynamics department, you’ll know it when you see it. Its design was inspired by the classic Bell Star after all. Being a round-shaped helmet, it’ll push against the flow of wind at a speed, like 70 miles an hour or so. And don’t forget to put on the noise-canceling earbuds, because when you are at speed it’s gonna be so much loud.

Despite being an aerodynamically unfriendly helmet, its ventilation is pretty impressive. Its built-in 5 metal mesh incoming vents and one exhaust vent keep the flow of air continues. And so the inside of the helmet stays cool and fog-free.

The most effective one for the fog-free environment is the vent intake on the chin part. It’s closable and you can shut the vent to control the airflow. The whole ventilation process of this helmet is actually pretty good, making it perfect for both cold and warm conditions. But, if you are looking for a bell helmet for long rides, you should check our best bell touring helmet selection.

What we liked most-

  • Retro style helmet
  • 5 metal mesh incoming vents
  • 3 shell sizes
  • Low profile looks

Safety Measurements

Well, it’s a full-face helmet and one of the few helmets that might really give you the feel of a ¾ one and so. But there’s no dought that it’s way safer than an open-face helmet as it covers your whole head.

When you get an impact wearing a helmet, there are actually two layers that protect your head. One is the shell and the other is the padding or EPS liner. And the shell of the Bullitt is made of carbon fiber composite. The low-profile shell makes it easier to wear and take off.

For the inside, it features a Multi-Density EPS lining that ensures the comfort of the rider as well as safety. The cheek pads adjust according to your face and that’s why it might feel a bit uncomfortable the first time you wear it. But it’ll adjust accordingly and be comfortable over time.

Not to mention the helmet comes with a padded chin strap with a leather pull tab. And it’s a stainless steel D-Ring chin strap. It’s completely legal to ride wearing this Bell Bullitt helmet, it’s ECE and DOT approved.

What we liked most-

  • Multi-Density EPS lining
  • Carbon fiber composite shell
  • Padded chin strap
  • ECE and DOT approved
  • Stainless steel D-Ring chin strap

Face Shield or Visor

In order to get maximum visibility, you need a good quality visor. And this helmet ships with a flat face shield. You can also buy other cool visors like bubble shields or any other colored flat shield.

bell bullitt motorcycle helmet

Let me tell you the iridium visor looks sick on this helmet, especially the gold iridium one, totally lit.

As you can see by looking at this helmet, It’s viewing range is quite wider than the typical helmets. So you’ll get wide visibility while wearing this one. That’ll help you a lot if you are shifting from an open-face helmet to a full-face one.

What’s more, the helmet features a Magnefusion visor closing system. Magnets are used to keep the visor closed, and you might like this feature of this helmet.

What we liked most-

  • Large view port
  • Magnets for proper sealing
  • Bubble and flat shield options


I can’t deny that this helmet lacks in aerodynamics and stuff but Bell really put some effort into building the interior. It’s nice and comfortable and it looks great, the liner matches the color of the shell and you’ll definitely get a true retro vibe in it.

The interior is made of luxurious real leather and it’s anti-bacterial. You can totally remove the interior and wash it, the quick-drying feature is also very helpful. The cheek pads were designed to make you comfortable and those come with pockets for speakers.

There are a bunch of options to choose from when you talk about the interior. But two colors caught my eye, they are brown liner with a black helmet and black liner with a matte black and white helmet. Those Bullitt helmets look so damn cool, totally vintage style while confirming ultimate comfort.

What we liked most-

  • Brown and black leather liner
  • Premium interior materials
  • Speaker pockets
  • Retro vibe interior

Fitting and Sizes

When choosing a helmet, fitting is also important along with style. The Bell Bullitt helmet comes in three shell sizes, small, medium, and large. You need to pick the perfect one that fits your head. And it has a Round Oval interior size, so double-check that when you choose.

The manufacturers tried to make it like the original Bell Star and so its weight is unbelievably light. The helmet’s weight is about approx. 3.24 lbs and it’ll feel like there’s nothing on your head. So, buckle up the helmet and hit the road to fulfill your old-school riding dreams.

Things we don’t like about this helmet
I’ll be honest about this, you should avoid this helmet if you usually ride at high speed. Or else you’ll need god-level noise tolerance or something like that.

What we liked most-

  • Lightweight (3.24 lbs)
  • Round Oval inner shape
  • 3 shells and EPS sizes
  • SM Shell: XS and S
  • MD Shell: M and L
  • LG Shell: XL and XXL

Size Chart

Size Centimeter
XS (Extra Small)
54-55 cm
S (Small)
55-56 cm
M (Medium)
57-58 cm
L (Large)
58-59 cm
XL (Extra Large)
60-61 cm
XXL (Extra Extra Large)
62-63 cm


  • Premium Retro Looking Helmet
  • Carbon Fiber Composite Shell
  • 3 Shell Sizes
  • Five Metal Mesh Intake Vents
  • One Rear Exhaust Vent
  • Multi Thickness EPS lining
  • Anti-Bacterial and Washable Interior
  • Five-Years Warranty
  • Cheek Pads with Speaker Pockets


  • Too much loud
  • Not Aerodynamics Friendly


No need to take the horse, take your motorcycle instead, with this Bell Bullitt beauty on your head. It’ll give you the classic retro vibe you are looking for. Ride safely with a full-face helmet on, and store your open-face one.

This helmet is quite popular for its style and it is comfortable and safe at the same time.
Ride safe, and ride with style.

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