How to Fix Motorcycle Helmet Strap?

As a part of a safety accessory, it’s not unusual for a helmet strap to be damaged or come loose after a certain amount of use. It’s the strap that keeps the helmet in place after all. However, if damaged, you can easily replace the strap within a few minutes.

Here, I’m gonna show you how you can replace your motorcycle helmet strap or fix it, and it’s super easy.

How to Fix Motorcycle Helmet Strap

If it is tight, please check out how to fix tight strap. But, if it is broken please follow instructions below.

Usually, you’ll find two types of straps in the market. One is the D-ring strap and the other is a quick-release strap. Most of the helmets come with a D-ring strap and it can be a pain for some of the users as they have to adjust it every time they wear it or take it off.

The solution is quite simple, just install a quick-release strap in your helmet and it’s ready to hit the road. 

You just have to buy one from your nearest automobile parts store or you can simply order it online and get at your doorstep! 

Now that you have the quick release strap, let’s install it in your helmet. So, if you have the D-ring strap in your helmet then all you have to do is put the quick-release one over the D-ring one. 

To do that, detach the quick release one and you will have two pieces in your hand now. Attach both parts with the straps that are already connected to the helmet. Adjust according to your comfort level and you are good to go.

Don’t worry if you damaged your helmet strap, I’ve got you covered. You’ll just have to replace that and your helmet is good as new. To do that, get a new strap from any repair shop or order one online.

You can buy a D-ring strap or a quick release one, whichever you prefer. If you chose the quick release one, make sure it comes with a strap that you are gonna attach to your helmet.

Remember all straps might not fit all helmet, so make sure you check that out before you buy the new one.

Now depending on your manufacturer, the strap removal system can be a button-on type or a screw mechanism. Locate the button or screw that attaches the strap to the helmet, it should be on both sides of the helmet.

Unbutton the old strap, unscrew if needed, and carefully remove that. Put the new strap in the right place and button on the new strap, tighten the screw if applicable. The work is pretty much done.

So, no more loose straps or shaky helmet. It’s probably not wise to ride with a loose strap or a helmet that doesn’t stay in the right place. And now you know what to do to get rid of this problem. Just buy a new chinstrap and replace the old one, piece of cake.

Safety first, dude. Keep your gears safe and ride safe.

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