AGV K1 Helmet Review

The AGV K1 is just the helmet for you if you’re looking for a decent track helmet and also don’t want to break the bank to do that.

AGV is a helmet manufacturing company that produces great racing helmets. Like the Pista GP RR or the Corsa R. But the problem is those helmets will definitely cost you a pretty penny.

However, AGV also gave some solutions to it, some lower-middle and middle-range helmets. Such as this K1 along with some of the others like K3 SV or AGV K5 S. And here we are talking about the AGV K1, one dedicated sport-oriented best motorcycle helmet. And you only have to pay a pair of C-notes or so for this helmet.

Overall, this is an aggressive-looking day-in-day-out helmet that you can also take to the track. And it comes with many useful features while not being overly heavy. And, best as low profile small size motorcycle helmet. So, let’s start unboxing the detailed features of this K1 helmet without any delay.

“Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.” — Will Smith

AGV K1 Helmet Review

Structure and Design

As I mentioned earlier, the K1 has hardcore aggressive looks in it and it is well aerodynamically shaped. The aerodynamic outline, ventilation structure, and spoiler development are designed correctly.

These features are directly benefited from the wind tunnel test. Same as the Corsa R and Pista GP R. And the spoiler you see at the backside of the helmet gives you steadiness at high-speed reducing drag and lift.

The ventilation structure is also top-notch like the MotoGP level helmets mentioned before. There are 5 front vents on this helmet. 3 central air intake vents at the forehead and 2 chin vents let superior airflow inside the helmet. Also, there are 2 passive rear vents built into the spoiler and these let the warm air pass-through from the helmet. This ventilation structure of the helmet is called IVS or Integrated Ventilation System. This adjustable ventilation and design are enhanced using a wind tunnel.

Don’t forget to check out the Valentino Rossi finishes of this helmet. Damn! Those look great, and also there are a bunch of graphics and solid options to choose from.

Safety Measurements

Safety is like, one big fish when we talk about choosing a helmet. And a helmet the only major safety equipment we have against the rock-hard asphalt. So, it’s really important to wear a helmet on your head whenever you set out for a ride.

And for this AGV K1 helmet, it got a High Resistance Thermoplastic or shell construction. Of course, that’s not the best shell made out there but it’s not half bad. It’s flexible to impact energy and under the shell, there’s a 4-layer EPS liner, which provides max guard in every Area. This EPS liner absorbs any impact energy in case the rider gets hit on any hard surface.

For the safety certifications, this helmet is DOT and ECE 2205 approved.

However, it’s not tested in the SHARP yet. But another helmet from AGV, the K3 SV with the same shell construction and EPS liner got a 4-Star. So, we can assume that this K1 would also be that much good.

Another thing worth mentioning is the Collarbone Safety Profile. The structure of the shell and the inner liner is designed to cut the risk of injuries related to the collarbone in case of an accident.

Face Shield or Visor

Another important thing to watch out for while picking a helmet is visibility. Helmets with low visibility might get on your nerves, not to mention that is extremely dangerous.

This helmet has a wide range of visibility, 190° parallel field of vision. It lets you look around easily without moving your head too much, which is a nice addition to this helmet.

For the visor, this K1 got a scratch-resistant polycarbonate face shield. It’s anti-fog and supposed to protect you from Ultraviolet rays. This shield is a Pinlock ready shield, which means you can fit a Pinlock lens on this. And Pinlock is super effective in preventing fogging up.

Also, the micro-opening visor seems to work pretty well. The shield changing mechanism is called Extra Quick Release System and it is completely tool-free. It allows you to remove and replace the visor within a blink of an eye.


What do you think you need to ruin the rest of your day? I’ll tell you, it’s an uncomfortable interior or an inner shape that doesn’t fit. So, watch out for this whenever you look for a helmet.

This AGV K1 helmet indeed got a comfortable interior, considering the price at least. The inner material is made of Dry-Comfort fabric that’s comfortable enough. And like most of the other helmets out there, the interior is totally detachable and washable. The nose guard or breath guard and the wind protector is also removable.

There are speaker cut-outs on both sides of the helmet and it’s ready for any communication system. And if you don’t use any com device, you can fill those gaps with pads, that’ll reduce the noise level a bit.

Another thing is the interior and the cheek pads of the helmet are specially designed to be eyewear friendly. So, it shouldn’t be any problem for those who want to or need to wear glasses while riding. About the cheek pads, those are attached to the neck roll. 

And you need to pull out the neck roll including the cheek pads if you want to remove those. One thing you need to keep in mind that, there is no emergency cheek pad removal system in this helmet. This feature is quite common in most of the good quality helmet out there these days. So, this is another minus point for this K1 helmet.

Fitting and Size

As I said a little earlier, an uncomfortable helmet can ruin your mood for sure. So, it’s quite important to find out what size of the helmet actually fits you. And then look for the helmets that fall in your size category, if it matches, you are good to go.

For this AGV K1 helmet, it comes in 7 sizes, from XS (53-54 cm) to 2XL (63-64 cm). What’s more, there are 2 shell sizes and 4 EPS liner sizes available for this helmet. So, you got lots of options to pick from. And the helmet got an average western inner head shape, Intermediate Oval. Lastly, the helmet is relatable light-weighted, only 3.6 lbs (approx.).

This helmet comes with a Double-D ring fastener and it is the most common chin strap mechanism available.


  • Aggressive Hardcore design

  • Wind tunnel tested aerodynamics

  • Great value for the money

  • 2 shell sizes, 4 EPS sizes

  • Extra Quick Release System

  • Pinlock Ready Shield


  • No Emergency Cheek Pad Release System Included

  • No Pinlock Insert Lens Included


Overall, this AGV K1 is a cool great for the value helmet. Usually, AGV helmets are quite expensive because of their safety and premium quality. However, you’ll find a few AGV helmets that come at this price range and also providing great service.

This helmet is mainly for those dudes who want a helmet that they can use for an everyday ride. And also take the helmet for a track ride or on a tour once in a while. And if you want something like that and also don’t want to spend too much, this helmet might be the one for you.

While we are looking at a helmet at this price range, you might also look into some other helmets. Such as Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS, AGV K3 SV, or Bell SRT.

So, guys, I hope you find your desired helmet.

Ride well, Ride safe!!

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