How to Wear a Helmet without Messing up Hair – Oct. 2021 Update

How to wear helmet without messing up hair? Imagine you are going to an event or going to work on your bike. You put on a nice hairstyle, ready to start your day smoothly and with style. 

You reached on the location, parked your bike, took off your helmet, looked at the mirror and you say, ‘Crap! My hair is all messed up!’ If you ride your bike on the way to your workplace or other places, I’m sure you also faced a similar situation. 

How to Wear a Helmet without Messing up Hair

Actually, it’s as annoying as ever and your hair also gets damaged by it. Especially when you are using a low profile helmet, and modern days bluetooth helmet with communicator. As we all know, Motorcycle and helmet are like two peas in a pod. You can’t leave the helmet for safety issues, Safety first!

However, there are some ways to protect your hair from messing up every time. So, hold on tight, I’m gonna show you just the trick you need to save your hair from getting messed up. It can also stop unexpected hair fall. 

How to Wear a Helmet without Messing up Hair - 4 Quick Tips to Follow.

Tip 1: Wash & Apply Shampoo Regulerly

The first tip will be washing your hair regularly, with whatever hair washing product you use. It would be better if you apply a shampoo that has dandruff removal ability. It will clean your hair and wash away dandruff and sweat from your hair, which causes stickiness. It will be easier to make your hair after you take off your helmet.

Tip 2: Use Wax or Hair Gel

Use light hair products, it doesn’t matter which brand you use. Whether you use wax or any hair gel to fix your hair, try to use a light one. And the one with the ability to restyle or remake after some time. The heavy one will most likely stick your hair at the shape of your helmet and you’ll be stuck with the messed up hair. It’ll ruin your day for sure.

Tip 3: Ware Scarf or Bandana

The next one is the most efficient, works like a magic trick, wearing a cloth under the helmet. It’s like the best thing since sliced bread for the bikers who want to keep their hair perfect even after wearing a helmet. It’s super easy, just put on a cloth or hairband before wearing the helmet. It will protect your hair and help you keep your hair nice and perfect. There are lots of nice hairband collection on Click here to check awesome hairband collection. Order online and get them at your doorstep!

A handkerchief will also do the job. Just fold it a bit and wear it over your head. Or you can use a cloth headband, they’ll keep your hair in the right place. As we mention before you’ll find those in any online shop like Amazon.

Tip 4: Carry a Comb

Now make sure your hair looks exactly how you want them, perfect. You can carry a small hairbrush or comb with you. Take off your helmet and the cloth or hairband and brush your hair a little bit or you can do that with your hand. It shouldn’t be an issue to fix the helmet hair.

Well, now you don’t have to deal with messed up hair every time you take off your helmet. These small tips should take care of that and with little effort, you can have a perfect hairstyle. Don’t even think about riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet because of messed up hair. Safety rule number 1: Put on the helmet whenever you drive.

And to take care of the helmet hair, you know what to do by now! Follow our tips. And, we are eagerly waiting to know your helmet hair stories. Share it on the comment box below.

Good day! Stay Safe!

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