How to Keep Visor Clear in Rain? – Practical Ways

You must have heard the song ‘Riders on the Storms’ and thought it must have felt so cool riding in the storm or rain. But is it? Yes, only if you don’t face any issue with your visor while riding and don’t have any watermarks on the visor after you are done riding.

And it’s not an unknown or new issue to begin with. Many people who ride a motorcycle regularly or in the rainy season at least have faced this. And most likely, they are finding a sweet little solution to keep the rain off the motorcycle helmet visor! So don’t worry if you can’t find a solution or are still looking for a better one that is more convenient for you. You’ll get a solution to your rainy season touring here!

How To Keep Rain Off Motorcycle Helmet Visor on Rainy Days!

The best way to keep your motorcycle helmet visor clear in the rain is to master the head turn and also apply water repellent on the visor.

Helmet Rain! Ugh! Sometimes when you are at speed wearing your touring helmet, the raindrops just glide off because of the wind. But when you are riding in the city or in traffic, it’s more likely a whole other story. So, I assume that you are facing something like that, and you want to get rid of those raindrops from your visor. There are actually a bunch of tips that can help you with that.

Dealing With The Rain Outer Side Of The Visor

Good Old On The Go Tricks

Good-old tricks are often effective, and when it comes to dealing with rain, it sure is effective. When you ride in the rain, water drops make it hard to see and can be annoying. You can apply two tricks to deal with it on the go. These tricks are-

  • Head Turn: Turn your head left or right while you are riding at normal or high speed. The wind will blow away the raindrops, and the visor will be clean.
  • Opening The Visor A Little: When you are at normal or slow speed, open your visor an inch or so. It’ll help some air inside and deal with blurriness on the visor.

Water repellents

Water repellents work by making the water droplets on your visor less likely to stick. This means that when you get wet, the water doesn’t stay on your visor as long and slides off more easily. As you use a chemical on the face shield, which is made of plastic, you have to ensure it’s suitable for plastics. You can use Rain X Plastic Treatment for the best result to keep the visor clear in the rain.

Using gloves

And there’s another thing you can do, using visor wiping gloves, or you can sew those wipers on your regular gloves.

You might also find those finger wipers online, but some people prefer an attached wiper in their gloves. It’s not that difficult to attach the glass wiper to your hand gloves. All you’ll need is your sewing skills and the materials you’ll need to sew.

Your gloves, a piece of rubber glass wiper (you’ll find it from any old or new glass wiper), some strong threads, and a strong needle. You can sew it over your index finger, thumb, or where the thumb joins the hand (I found this one the most effective; personal opinion). You can do the sewing yourself or take it to someone who is good at this stuff.

Dealing with the fog inner side of the visor

Antifog lens

The best way of clearing the fog from your visor is using an antifog lens such as Pinlock. Some helmets have their own antifog coating visor, such as the Bell Qualifier helmet. But you’ll also find many helmets with Pinlock-ready face shields. Insert a Pinlock lens, and the fogging should go away.

If you have a dedicated antifog insert on your visor, that’ll take care of the fogging up. However, you can add some antifog treatment on the inner surface if you don’t have any. You can try the SHINE ARMOR Anti Fog Spray.

Additional Tips

  • Clean the helmet regularly
  • Clean the visor regularly
  • Don’t wipe the visor with something rough, such as gloves with plastic protectors on them.
  • Don’t use glass cleaners that contain Ammonia

    Also, you should keep your helmet visor clean, especially the bugs. You need to clean those bugs off your visor if there are any on the face shield; that’s a whole other topic anyway.


And that should take care of the waterdrop issue for you and make your commute without any trouble. Even if you have any gear that’s acting up a little bit, you can find the answer if you search a bit. The best motorcycle helmets might have some issues you don’t like, but that’s no big deal.

Anyway, hope you find your solution that’ll help you keep your visor clean in the rain. Have a great day, even if it rains!!

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