1Storm HJK316 Helmet Review – 2023 Update

If you are looking for a Bluetooth helmet you might have an interesting question. What is the cheapest bluetooth helmet?

Well, it’s kind of complicated to answer, like asking for the best motorcycle helmet. It depends, there might be a bunch of bluetooth helmets at a very affordable price. And the 1Storm HJK316 helmet is one of them.

The 1Storm HJK316 Helmet is a Bluetooth helmet that comes at a very low-budget. This helmet comes with a FreedConn Bluetooth device as a package but it isn’t pre-installed in the helmet out of the box. It’s a very budget-friendly helmet but the question is, is it safe enough? At least this HJK316 is a DOT-certified Bluetooth helmet.

Although this one is a street-legal helmet it’s recommended to invest a bit more and get a bit safer helmets. Such as the HJC i10, Bell Qualifier, or Sena Momentum Evo.

1Storm HJK316 Helmet Review

Structure and Design

The helmet is structured like any other low-profile full-face helmets you’ll find. But this helmet has a sharp look in it and that reminds me of the AGV K3 SV. That is also a quality budget helmet. There is an aerodynamic spoiler mounted on this helmet, which reduces drag. Also, this gives the helmet that aerodynamic stylish look.

The Bluetooth device here is a FreedConn intercom unit. But it isn’t installed inside the helmet out of the box. That’s fine I guess, I mean come on, this thing comes at a price that might only get you an Intercom device only. And the biggest plus point for this 1Storm helmet might be the price it comes.

Bluetooth Device

As I said earlier, this helmet doesn’t come with a Bluetooth device pre-installed in it. But this helmet indeed comes with a FreedConn Bluetooth device as a bundle. That means you’ll get the intercom unit device with the helmet but you have to install that yourself or somehow, that’s no big deal either.

The Bluetooth device itself is a 3.0 version of Bluetooth, that’s not the latest version. Then again, it’s just a budget option that comes at about one-fourth the price of the Sena Momentum EVO.

However, you’ll get decent features with this Bluetooth device as well. Such as rider-to-rider (3 riders) communication, GPS navigation. Attending incoming or outgoing calls and so. You can enjoy riding your motorcycle while listening to your favorite music too.

The connectivity range for this device is around 800 meters, which is pretty good according to the price. The battery backup you’ll get out of this device is about 7 hours of intercom and 20 hours when connected to the phone. However, the quality of the Bluetooth communication might not be the best for this helmet, it’s a budget option after all.


Unless you want to get stuck with a cooker over your head on a summer day, you have to make sure the helmet you are wearing has a decent ventilation structure. It doesn’t always have to be too fancy but it needs to be good enough to keep your head cool.

This 1Storm helmet has 2 intake vents on the chin and 2 intake vents on the top of the helmet. And these vents are active intake vents, which means you can open or close them when you feel like.

And there are two exhaust vents on the backside of the helmet and these let the airflow through the helmet. And this keeps your head cool and comfortable. The ventilation structure seemed just fine on this helmet, but it could be a bit better. The HJC DS X1 did a great job here, it’s a well-ventilated dual-sport helmet that also doesn’t cost a pretty penny.

Safety Measurements

The best savior you could possibly have on a crash is a helmet, a secure helmet. Because this thing is going to be the shield between your head and hard asphalt if you happen to be in an accident, hypothetically.

No matter a helmet is a cheap one or a premium one, it has to be at least DOT approved to be street legal in the United States. And even if this helmet here that we are talking about is a budget one, it’s a DOT certified helmet.

As a budget option, it’s fine but it’s recommended to raise the budget a bit a get something a bit safer. Such as the AGV k1 or Bell SRT helmet.

Face Shield or Visor

A face shield, a plastic or polycarbonate piece that is clear enough to let you see through it. It protects your eyes from the wind and also ensures your visibility. So, a face shield has to be good enough that you don’t have any visual distortion.

The visor or shield used in this helmet is a clear plastic shield, it isn’t that special but does the job. The shield doesn’t seem to have any Pinlock or any kind of pins on it, so you might face the fog-up issue. 

This might trouble you on a road trip but this is what you get out of an extremely budget-friendly helmet. However, there is an inner sun visor included inside this helmet, which is pretty cool. The smocked sun visor seemed fine, but don’t expect too much out of it, this is an entry-level helmet after all.

Interior and Sizing

You can’t possibly enjoy a motorcycle ride if you are wearing an uncomfortable and unfit helmet over your head. As a budget helmet, it needs to be comfortable enough for you to wear. It doesn’t need to be something premium as the Arai Corsair X, but it needs to be good enough.

This 1Storm HJK316 seemed just fine, as I mentioned, it isn’t something to shout about but it surely does the job. However, it is reported that this helmet runs a bit bigger than the size chart. And the interior of any helmet tends to get loose over time so it’s recommended that you get a size smaller for this helmet.

And about the sizing of this helmet, it comes from Small size (53-54 cm) to Extra Large size (59-60 cm).


  • Great value for the money
  • The Bluetooth device comes as a bundle
  • Stylish looks
  • Aerodynamic spoiler
  • Inner sun visor included
  • Active vents


  • Not so great build quality
  • Might face fog up a bit
  • A bit loud


This is a budget Bluetooth helmet and it’s a DOT rated helmet on top of that. The features this helmet provides and at this price, this is incredible. This helmet is obviously recommended if you are looking for an affordable Bluetooth helmet.

On the other hand, it has some of the nitpicks too, the build quality won’t be as good as some of the premium ones. Also, this is a loud helmet and not so great option if you are looking for better performance.

So yeah, if you want a Bluetooth helmet on a very tight budget, you can give it a go, the 1Storm HJK316.

Have a great time!

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