FreedConn BM2-S Helmet Review

Bluetooth integrated helmets are hard to find enough as it is, and when you want one in a budget, it becomes even more challenging. But there are a handful of Best Bluetooth helmets out there that fits in this category, and this FreedConn BM2-S is one of them.

The FreedConn BM2-S is a Bluetooth integrated modular helmet that comes on an affordable budget. And it’s a Bluetooth integrated helmet, which means it comes with a Bluetooth device pre-installed inside the helmet. Even if it’s a budget option, it did not compromise the safety of this helmet. It’s a DOT-certified helmet. Also, you can enjoy the modular flip-up features in this BM2-S helmet.

As a budget helmet, this one might not give you all the optimal features of the Best Motorcycle Helmet. But this helmet will provide you enough convenient features that make it worth checking out. So let’s check out what this FreedConn BM2-S helmet got in the bag.

FreedConn BM2-S Helmet Review

Structure and Design

BM2 is a modular helmet, which means you can wear this helmet as a full-face helmet and an open-face one. Although riding a motorcycle with the chin bar raised is not recommended at all.

This feature mainly helps if you are at a gas station or want to have a short conversation with someone while wearing the helmet. Or, on a short break between rides, when you want to get some fresh air, you can open the chin bar without taking off the helmet.

And the modular mechanism is also pretty user-friendly and located precisely where it’s usually found in most cases. The one-button flip-up is easy enough, and you’ll find it right under the chin bar.

Like I mentioned earlier, this FreedConn helmet comes with a Bluetooth device pre-installed out of the box. That means no more tearing apart the interior of the helmet, just put this on your head, and you are good to go.

Bluetooth Device

The Bluetooth device used in this FreedConn helmet is a Bluetooth 3.0 version device. That might not be the latest version of Bluetooth available nowadays, but it will surely give you the basic features. And that’s fair considering the price this intercom integrated helmet comes.

You’ll get features like three riders communication, listening to music, FM radio, and many more. The intercom range of this helmet is 500 meters, which is just fine, I guess. The Sena Outrush modular helmet did an excellent job here; you can check that out too.

You can also enjoy some other features, such as connecting to the mobile phone and voice call. The battery backup of this helmet seemed reasonable enough, and it’ll give you 9 hours of intercom backup. In addition, it’ll provide you up to 12 hours if it’s connected to the mobile phone.

And the battery of this BM2-S helmet will take approximately 3 hours to get fully charged. Of course, not something groundbreaking but good enough for a budget helmet. And the speakers and the mic are built-in inside the helmet, no need to tear apart the interior anymore.


Even if it’s a modular helmet, you need to keep the chin bar closed for safety issues when you ride on the streets. And when you ride in the full-face helmet form, a well-ventilation structure is a must-have.

And this helmet over here has two intake vents on the chin bar and two intake vents on the top. And these all are active vents, which means they can be closed and opened. So it’s going to help in the winter season, and also, there are two rear exhaust vents on this helmet.

This ventilation structure should be fine in the cold weather, but it’s just fine for the summer, I guess. The ventilation system on this helmet could be a bit better, like the HJC i10 modular helmet.

Safety Measurements

The math here isn’t that complicated; you wear a helmet to protect your head on the streets. And as a modular helmet, it’s highly recommended that you keep the chin bar closed while riding.

A helmet should be at least DOT certified to be good enough to wear on the streets of the United States. And this FreedConn BM2-S helmet is a DOT-certified one. So even if it’s stuffed with many features also is affordable enough, this one fulfilled the criteria to be street legal.

The shell material used in this helmet is ABS Composite material. That’s what most of these budget helmets gave. This helmet might not be the safest helmet on planet earth, but this will do the job as a budget option. You might also check out the Sena Momentum EVO Bluetooth integrated helmet if you what to go a bit higher with the budget.

Face Shield or Visor

A budget helmet needs to have a decent face shield or visor that doesn’t create visual distortion. It can be extremely dangerous if the visor messes up with your visibility. However, it’s rare to see a visor making too much distortion without a crack or scratches on the visor when you try to clean the visor.

The face shield used in this BM2-S helmet is a Polycarbonate shield. That is good enough, but the shield is not Pinlock ready or any anti-fog insert lens ready. That might cause a fogging-up issue sometimes, so watch out for that.

Also, there is an inner sun visor included inside this helmet, and that’s pretty cool. The switch for the SV is on the left-hand side of the helmet like most of the helmet has. The Bell MX-9 comes with a good face shield; that’s a dual-sport helmet, though.

Interior and Sizing

You can’t possibly get the best out of a budget helmet, which goes for the interior. But the interior of a helmet has to be cozy enough, and if you find the perfect size for you, it will be fine.

The feature also applies to this helmet; it’s not made of premium material like the AGV Corsa helmet. But the fabrics used in this FreedConn helmet are decent enough. In addition, it’s a moisture-wicking, environment-friendly interior. And you can detach the interior from the helmet and wash it when you clean the helmet.

Now, sizing is also essential, and an unfit helmet won’t be as comfortable as a fit one. So, try to find a helmet that fits you better. However, this BM2-S doesn’t seem to have too many options when it comes to sizing. It comes from M size (56-57 cm) to XL size (60-61 cm), and it’s a nitpick for this helmet.


  • Great value for the money
  • Modular flip-up option
  • Bluetooth pre-installed
  • Drop-down sun visor included
  • A decent interior
  • Easy Bluetooth control


  • Not so excellent ventilation
  • Not so good face shield
  • Not so excellent built-in quality
  • A bit loud


This FreedConn BM2-S helmet is a budget Bluetooth helmet. This helmet offers a bunch of cool features without costing tons of money. It comes with a Bluetooth device installed out of the box, and it’s the best thing about this helmet. And it’s a modular helmet too, so overall you are getting many handy features at a very affordable price.

All things have downsides, and so does this helmet. It might be a budget helmet, and the quality of an entry-level helmet can rarely be as good as the premium one. The face shield and the ventilation structure will be the nitpicks for this helmet, I guess.

But when you look at the big picture, this FreedConn helmet is not a half-bad choice for a budget Bluetooth helmet.

I hope you find the best helmet you are searching for, Good Day!

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