How to Clean White Helmet

There’s no denial that helmets tend to get dirty easily, especially if it’s an adventurer helmet we are talking about. It’s super easy to get dirt, mud and scratches all over the helmet. And talk about white helmets, the scratches, and dirt on a white helmet will catch your eyes better than any other colors. And that’s why white helmets need to be cleaned frequently, no matter what type of riding style you prefer.

how to clean white helmet

So here I assume you have a white helmet and it needs to be cleaned. I have some tips here and hopefully, that’s enough to take care of the cleaning process of your helmet.

Cleaning a white helmet isn’t that much different from how you clean your regular helmet, to be honest. It just comes with some tweaks that might make the white helmet as it was when you bought it.

How To Clean White Helmet - DIY Easy Methods

One thing you should definitely do before messing with your helmet is checking the user manual of the helmet. Because most of the helmet manufacturer shows how you should clean the helmet and what are the things you shouldn’t do. So, check that out, and the last thing you want is to void the helmet warranty.

So, let’s get started, shall we? While cleaning a helmet, the first thing you should do is to separate all the helmet parts. It’ll help the cleaning process and also will boost the speed of cleaning. After dividing we most likely we have three parts to wash, the visor, the interior, and the shell itself.

And the materials you’ll need are microfiber cloths, baby shampoo, and some warm water. Of course, you can use some mild cleaning products but they shouldn’t contain any ammonia or any rough ingredients. Especially for the visor, it tends to get damaged pretty easily and good quality shield they aren’t that cheap.

Now, let’s clean the visor, soak a microfiber towel with water and let it sit on the helmet and visor for a few minutes. It will get the dirt and bug guts to soften and make the process smooth and without any further damage. If you rub the outer surface of the visor and shell without letting it soften, the hard dust particle will most likely damage the surface. And you don’t want that on your helmet.

So, after a few minutes remove the wet towel and wash the visor with water. And of course, remove any anti-for inserts before you wet the visor. The anti-fog coating might get dissolved into the water otherwise. And God bless you if you have an iridium visor, it’s super easy to get them scratched.

After washing the visor, wipe it with a dry microfiber towel, and the work with the visor is most likely done. You can also use some visor cleaning products; however, they shouldn’t contain ammonia or alcohol.

Now let’s move on to the interior cleaning process of the helmet. You should detach the interior of the helmet in most cases as almost all helmets nowadays come with a removable and washable interior. So, pull out the inner materials and you have to wash them with baby shampoo. The reason we are using shampoo is it removes oil and dirt from the inner paddings as it does with our hair. So, wash the inner materials real good and let it dry, that’ll do here.

For the shell of the helmet, which is the white helmet of yours, you covered it with a wet microfiber towel, right? That’ll soften the hard dirt particles as we did with the visor. Now wipe the helmet with a dry towel, same as the visor, most of the dirt will be clean if you do so. And for some of the dirt or scratches left after the wiping, don’t overdo it.

In order to remove those, you can softly rub those spots with your finger or the wet microfiber you got. If the scratches or scuffs are still there, you can use some cleaning products that are suitable for the shell. Don’t use any strong cleaners on the first try, you don’t want to ruin your helmet for sure. Always keep in mind that the cleaners you are using don’t contain any strong materials that might damage your helmet.

And for the small and tricks parts such as vents, you can use a toothbrush to clean those, it doesn’t have to be a brand new one though.

So, that should take care of cleaning your white helmet, and remember to check out the user manual first. You shouldn’t use any stuff that might eventually void the warranty.

Good day, guys!

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