Top 10 Best Half Helmet Reviews – 2023 Update

Half helmets are undoubtedly one of the most favorite types of helmets available out there. They are well appreciated among the cruiser riders, of course! And a great alternative and the first step for motorcycle riders who prefer riding without a helmet.


Bell Rogue

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These helmets might not give you the same level of protection as the full-face helmet, but at least something is better than nothing. If you like to ride your two-wheeled running machine without a helmet, then please don’t; it can be extremely dangerous. Here are top 3 listed below, check them out as your preference. 

Instead, wear one of these best half helmets, they are light, compact and if you get the right size, you’ll hardly feel you have something over your head. And most of these helmets come at a really affordable price point.

We’ve brought the top three best half helmets out there on our top tier list, considering their features, quality, and price. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Top 10 Best Half Helmet Reviews 2021


  • Premium build quality
  • Speaker pocket included
  • A unique and aggressive design
  • FidLock magnetic front muzzle
  • Adjustable muzzle with removable liner
Bell Rogue Half Helmet Matte Black
best half helmet


  • Helmet Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 3.03 lbs
  • Shell Construction: Fiberglass composite shell
  • Sizes: XS (54-55 cm) to 2XL (62-63 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT certified

The Bell Rogue is another top-of-the-line or premium half helmet on our list. It’s the perfect combination of safety, comfort, and styling. And, the best part is, you can get it at under $300 price range! That being said, this helmet also costs a bit extra, but it’s worth it. So, guys who want the best of every sector, you got your perfect half helmet.

Now let’s come to the most beautiful part of this helmet, the muzzle. First of all, it looks incredible; you can get an aggressive vibe from it, cool! And it has a FidLock magnetic connection system that allows you to take off and put on the muzzle without any trouble.

However, note that this is a half helmet; the muzzle is not a part of any safety. It’s added for extra comfort and to protect your face from road debris and dust. The muzzle has a removable liner inside that makes it really comfortable and saves your face in winter.

You’ll get a composite shell with the helmet, and the interior is also premium, as you can expect from Bell. There are speaker pockets included, and that makes it super easy to fit the com unit.

So, if you want the best features and styling from your half helmet, you can surely grab the Bell Rogue. But, if you are looking for 3/4 motorcycle helmet, you can check out out best 3/4 helmets selection.


  • Built-in speakers and mic
  • Quality Bluetooth device included
  • Aerodynamic build with low profile visor
  • Sena Utility app for better wireless feature control
  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology with other impressive features
Sena CAVALRY Gloss Black


  • Helmet Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 2.107 lbs
  • Shell Construction: Composite Fiberglass Shell
  • Sizes: XS (53-54 cm) to 2XL (63-64 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT certified

When you talk about the best Bluetooth half-helmet, the Sena Cavalry comes at the top both with quality and features. Sena is primarily a Bluetooth communication unit manufacturing company. Nevertheless, they’ve come into the helmet world with some cool options such as this one.

As you can guess, this one, along with other Sena helmets, comes with Bluetooth preinstalled. So, you don’t have to worry about the installation or tear apart the interior for speaker placement. Just wear it, connect it, and you’ll be good to go.

You’ll get Bluetooth 4.1 technology with this, which is good enough. And there are other excellent features as audio profile control. In addition, Sena has an application called Sena Utility App for Android and iPhone. You can control the settings of the Bluetooth device quickly and effectively with this app.

Not only the communication tech but the actual helmet features are also good enough. The Composite Fiberglass shell is DOT certified, and the EPS and inner material are safe and comfortable. That’s why this fantastic half helmet made it to our Best Bluetooth Helmet list.

Be sure to check that out to know about the excellent Bluetooth helmet along with this Sena Cavalry half helmet.


  • Adjustable dual shields
  • Flow-through ventilation structure
  • Micrometric quick release chin strap
  • Hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking interior
  • Scratch and UV-resistant drop-down sun visor
LS2 Rebellion Half Helmet
LS2 Rebellion Half Helmets


  • Helmet Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 2.08 lbs (approx.)
  • Shell Construction: Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) shell
  • Sizes: XS (53-54 cm) to 3XL (65-66 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT certified

LS2 has always been good with its helmet styling and color finishes, and the Rebellion Half helmet is no different. The aerodynamic structure and the color finish both standout and look absolutely stunning.

It’s not only the looks that are so cool about this helmet, but the features also don’t fall behind. For example, the flow-through ventilation structure actually passes the air inside the helmet. The interior is removable, of course, and there are air channels in it to help your head get some flow.

There’s a drop-down sun visor available in this helmet that you can pull down if you want some shade on your eyes. You’ll get to choose from the clear and smocked version of the visor, so there’re some options.

This is a DOT-rated helmet that comes with a Kinetic Polymer Alloy or KPA shell. And it comes with a quick-release chin strap that keeps the skull cap over your head. You’ll also get two pads to fit the speakers and mic for the com unit or simply to keep your ear warm. And you can get this helmet at an average price point; I’ll call it an amid-range budget helmet.

So, the LS2 Rebellion is a must-have if you look for a stylish half helmet to rock the streets.


  • Two shell sizes
  • Detachable neck curtain
  • Speaker pockets included
  • Speed Dial adjustable fitment system
  • “On the fly” protection with inner sun visor
Bell Pit Boss Half Motorcycle Helmet


  • Helmet Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 2.44 lbs
  • Shell Construction: TriMatrix composite shell
  • Sizes: XS (53-55 cm) to 3XL (63-64 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT certified

It’s another excellent half helmet, and this time it’s from Bell, one of the oldest helmet manufacturing brands out there. The Bell Pit Boss also doesn’t disappoint you with innovative features and uncompromised safety.

This helmet comes with a composite shell made of Kevlar/Carbon/Fiberglass blend, and it’s called the TriMatrix composite shell. And of course, it’s safe, comes with DOT certification. The safety layers or EPS is good enough, but it doesn’t give you a look of a mushroom head, and that’s something charming.

Another innovative feature you’ll see in this helmet is the speed dial adjustable fitment system. It’s something that makes it a perfect fit and lets the lid sit steel over your head. It’s almost like someone is making sure the helmet stays in one place even if you ride at speed.

There’s also a drop-down sun visor available that gives you ‘On the Fly’ sun protection. And the interior is also air channeled and comfortable, as expected from Bell. Moreover, you won’t face any hassle as there are nice speaker cutouts available.

Overall, this Bell Pit Boss is an excellent option for a quality half helmet at the mid-range budget.


  • Good value for the money
  • Drop-down sun visor included
  • Various graphics options are available
  • Moisture-wicking and comfortable interior
  • Size adjustment system for the perfect fit


  • Helmet Shape: Roundish Intermediate Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 2.20 lbs
  • Shell Construction: ABS shell
  • Sizes: XS (53-54 cm) to 2XL (63-64 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT certified

Enough about the bigshots; let’s talk about what’s the best you can get at a budget. The Vega Warrior is an excellent helmet that comes at an affordable price; you can also call it an entry-level.

If you are a person who likes to choose from so many options or likes to pick from many variations, then this one is for you. This helmet has many options, both with solid colors and eye-catchy graphics, and all of them look great.

There’s also a drop-down sun visor available, and you’ll also get color options there. Like the Bell Pit Boss, we talked about earlier, this helmet also has a speed dial fitment feature. That means you can adjust the internal size for a bit, and that’s great for perfect fitting.

Of course, this is DOT-rated, the same as all the helmets on our list. So, this Vega Warrior is a fantastic head bucket if you want a cool helmet on a budget.


  • Cool aggressive looks
  • SpeedView inner sun visor
  • Detachable ear flaps included
  • Kwikwick-2 anti-bacterial inner liner
  • Neodymium magnets-attached front mask
ScorpionEXO EXO Covert Half Helmet


  • Helmet Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 2.95 lbs
  • Shell Construction: Polycarbonate shell
  • Sizes: XS (53-54 cm) to 3XL (65-66 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT certified

This helmet definitely stands out from the crowd with its aggressive looks and vibe. The Scorpion EXO Covert is a great helmet that has a look of straight out of sci-fi movies. However, this is reality, and this helmet is indeed authentic.

First of all, this is not a full-face helmet; the front mask you see is not connected to the main shell. So it will give you safety as a half helmet, not a full-face one. By the way, if you are interested in full-face variants, be sure to check out our Best Full-face Helmet post; you’ll find more details over there.

Back to the topic, the face mask looks fantastic, and it has magnets attached to it; how cool is that. You can remove it and turn this thing into a half helmet. The shell itself is made with Advanced Polycarbonate materials, and it’s DOT certified. And there’s also the drop-down sun visor that gives you shade from the sun as well as looks cool.

Overall this Scorpion EXO Covert is a good and quality option as a half helmet.


  • Two sun visors included
  • Great value for the money
  • Inner drop-down sun visor available
  • Communication unit compatible design
  • Washable and replaceable inner materials
GLX Adult Size M14 Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet


  • Helmet Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 2.1 lbs (approx.)
  • Shell Construction: N/A
  • Sizes: S (55-56 cm) to 2XL (63-64 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT certified

This GLX M14 is an entry-level helmet with a straightforward design and features. If you imagine a simple half helmet, Probably this is what you’ll be looking at. And the price level of this helmet is also quite affordable; it’s like you are getting what you are paying for.

If you are thinking about getting a cheap Chinese lid, please don’t raise the budget a few bucks and get one of these. At least wear a DOT-rated helmet on the streets such as this one for your own safety.

The interior is made of microfiber clothing, and that seems reasonable enough. You can remove it and put it for a wash, and it’s comfortable enough, as much you can expect from a budget-friendly helmet. There’s a clear drop-down sun visor option available, and you’ll also get a smocked version for free.

Of course, these simple, convenient features and the affordable price make this GLX M14 helmet an excellent helmet to consider.


  • Straightforward design
  • Adjustable Y-strap lock
  • Three shell sizes are available
  • Great value for the money
  • Moisture-wicking inner liner
Daytona Helmets Half Skull Cap Motorcycle Helmet


  • Helmet Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 1.75 lbs (approx.)
  • Shell Construction: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS shell)
  • Sizes: 2XS (46-48.3 cm) to 4XL (66.4-68.6 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT certified

It’s a simple, straightforward helmet, the Daytona Skull Cap helmet. It does what it’s made to do, protecting your head, and it’s really budget-friendly. It’s one of the best options at this entry-level price point; that’s why people love this head bucket so much.

It’s a DOT-certified helmet, yet it’s so lightweight because it doesn’t have padding under the straps. And it also doesn’t come with a built-in drop-down sun visor.

The interior features a moisture-wicking liner and Expanded Polystyrene material. It might not be the best you can get from a skull cap, but it’s definitely not half bad. There are many solid color options available for this helmet, from black cherry metallic to silver metallic.

So, the Daytona Skull Cap is a great helmet to consider on a budget.


  • Detachable visor
  • Lightweight helmet
  • Straightforward design
  • Great value for the money
  • Adjustable chin strap and D-ring
AHR Run-C Motorcycle Half Face Helmet
AHR Run C Half Face Motorcycle Helmet


  • Helmet Shape: N/A
  • Helmet Weight: 2.42 lbs
  • Shell Construction: ABS shell
  • Sizes: S (55-56 cm) to XL (61-62 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT certified

The AHR Run-C is an entry-level helmet that comes at an unbelievable price. This helmet comes at an almost unreal price. And that’s probably the unique selling point of this half helmet.

The shell is made of ABS material, and it’s a DOT-rated helmet. The design is simple and convenient, looks as simple as any other half helmet. The interior is just refined, I’ll say; what else can you expect from a skull cap at this price point.

There’s a removable peak visor at the front of this helmet, and that looks nice. The adjustable chin strap also works fine. And overall, you can pick this one if you want a half helmet at an extremely tight budget.


  • Lightweight helmet
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Inner sun visor included
  • Classic half helmet design
  • Great value for the money
ILM Open Face Sun Visor Motorcycle Half Helmet


  • Helmet Shape: Round Oval
  • Helmet Weight: 2.7 lbs
  • Shell Construction: ABS shell
  • Sizes: S (55-56 cm) to XL (61-62 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT certified

The ILM Half Helmet is another entry-level head bucket on our list. As an entry-level lid, it provides you with the basic features of a half helmet and protects your head.

This helmet got a simple structure, yet it looks nice. There’s also a drop-down sun visor available in this helmet. It’s a smocked version, but there’s also a clear version available that you can buy. The sun visor replacement mechanism is simple, and it’s super easy to do.

Of course, this is a DOT-certified helmet that comes with an ABS shell. There’s a removable peak visor available, and that also looks fine. The interior is good enough; you really can’t complain much as this is a super budget-friendly helmet.

So yeah, you can get this ILM Half helmet as a budget half option.

Helmets to Avoid

Sometimes helmet selection can be much of a hassle; this goes for half helmets as well. Of course, you want a good head bucket, but you also don’t want to spend a vast amount of money on it, most of the time. But you should not pick something that can not protect your head to save a few bucks!

There are some excellent and convenient helmets on our list with relevant prices and features. Here are some cases that you must avoid while riding on the streets.

Non-DOT certified helmet

Non-DOT-rated helmets are the ones that are not made for wearing while riding a motorcycle. For example, this happened for the half helmets because many types look like a motorcycle half helmet, but actually, they are not. Such as bicycles or construction helmets, etc.

Ensure that the half helmet you are buying has a DOT sticker on the back and confirm that it’s DOT-rated.


A half helmet is not just a skull cap that protects your head; it’s instead a lifestyle. Of course, you can’t deny that a helmet is the most crucial safety equipment for motorcycle riders. But some of us don’t desire to be caged by a full-face. And a half helmet is the right solution for you guys who want the cool air flowing over your face, such freedom!

Here, we’ve brought the best half helmet that we found and brought those to you. Some are top-notch premium, and some are budget-friendly yet as effective as any other quality helmet.

I hope you can find out the perfect helmet you are looking for, Peace!!

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