How to Fix Broken Helmet Visor?

Broken visor, a common problem for some of the bikers. It happens when you accidentally drop your helmet, press the visor too hard if it’s stuck, or after a crash, in the worst case. After you broke it, you’ll probably search for a way to fix it somehow. It’s your fancy helmet after all.

Even if it’s a regular helmet, some super easy tricks might help you fix your helmet visor. I’m not saying it will be like the brand new one by doing these. But it will probably do the job and fix it. Let me show you how to fix a broken helmet visor.

How to fix broken helmet visor

The first trick is to stick it with super glue or instant glue. You’ll need a very thin glue for this and few small cotton balls. What it does is, it attaches the broken visor as well as makes it strong. So that it won’t come off if you press it.

Before you start the process, detach the visor from the helmet. Now, put some tiny pieces of cotton between the broken parts, where they attach. Make sure there isn’t too much gap, or it will be too dense for the glue to stick and the visibility will also decrease.

Drip some drop of glue at the edge of the broken piece and press it tightly. You have to do it real fast, as fast as you can.

Because the super glue or instant glue you’ll get from any hobby shop or store will most likely dry super quickly.

After you put it together, keep holding it tight for a minute and it’s done, piece of cake. You can cut the extra cotton part if it comes out of the joint. Some clear duct tape also can be applied to the joint.

However, this trick can backfire. You’ll have to be very careful when working with super glue. It’ll be such a pain if you accidentally drip the glue on your clothes or your finger, you don’t want your clothes to be ruined by the super glue. So, watch out for that.

The second technique is stitching it together. Yes, if you stitch it, the thread will be visible. But it will be sturdy enough to face another impact. You will need a strong thread for this one. A safety wire will also do the job. You just have to stitch it across the crack. Put the knot on the bottom of the visor and cover the knot with some glue or some tape. So that you won’t be hurt by the knot.

Another simple trick is to stick the visor with duct tape, top, and bottom. Though the visor won’t be so strong, it’ll stick together. However, when it comes to safety, it’s not recommended. Safety first, you know.

If it’s broken that badly, call it a day for this, it has done its job. Let it go and buy a new one. It’s the best solution if you think about safety. And if you are dealing with a scratch, no need to worry, we got you covered. You can check that out on our ‘How to clean helmet visor scratches’ post.

So, if you accidentally broke your helmet visor after a drop or a crash. You know what to do. Follow these super easy tricks and you are good to go.

Well, always put on the helmet while driving, and happy riding!

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