How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better?

Even if you find a motorcycle helmet with good fitting, it’s not rare for the inside of it to get loosen up over time. After using it for a decent amount of time, you might feel like it’s someone else’s helmet. And you are hitting google to find answer of how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better.

This happens to lots of riders as they end up with an over sized helmet and it’s a real safety issue. Imagine you hit your head wearing an over sized helmet, you think you’ll get hit once but in reality, you’ll get hit twice. Lets take a look at best motorcycle helmet fitting tips! 

how to make a tight motorcycle helmet fit better

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better

First, the helmet gets hit by the asphalt and then your head gets hit inside of the helmet, and it’ll cause more damage than in a well-fit one. And, if you need a low profile helmet, its more important to know the way to fit better.

When riding a motorbike, the helmet is the most important safety gear you wear. Yes, I agree you can get the job done by putting some pads or cloth in it. You might think riding with a loose helmet is no big of a deal but is it worth a shot?

It’s important to hit the road wearing a well-fitting helmet. If your helmet is not too lose, I mean if it’s just a little bit loose fit then you might get the job done with a few adjustments. Checkout if the cheek pads of the helmet are in decent condition or not.

After a fair amount of use, the cheek pads seem to be worn out because of pressure and friction. Replace the cheek pads if possible, that might work out for you. You can also use some sizing pads to make the fitting a bit tight.

Another thing you can do to make the helmet fit better is to tightening the side straps and chin strap. Make sure you tighten as much that you can only put one finger in the strap. Try both of them if you want, side straps, and the cheek pads.

If those don’t work out, you should check out the helmet servicing store nearby to see if they can fix it or not. If not, you better let the old thing go, it’s a matter of safety after all.

So, you must choose the right fitting one when you buy a new helmet, bike and a well-fitting helmet is like two peas in a podin the end.

When getting a helmet there are a couple of things that you should watch out, especially the helmet size and the dimensions of your head. Typically there are three sized helmets available in the market, round oval, intermediate oval, and long oval. It might seem the same from the outside but they vary from the inside and this might be the main reason for feeling uncomfortable wearing a helmet.

Well, all you gotta do is measure the shape of your head. You can do it with a tailor’s meter tape or you can ask for an expert’s help, most of the helmet store will happily help you with it.
In the case, you couldn’t find out your exact size, then I suggest you go to a helmet retailer store and keep trying the helmets that you think gonna fit you. And try to pick the one a little tight because it’s going to be loose over time. If you do this, I’m sure you are going to find the perfect safety partner for your beloved motorcycle.

The most important safety gear of a motorcycle rider is definitely a good helmet. Basically, it’s the only thing that’s going to save your head in a crash and it also helps you to see clearly at high speed. That’s why everyone says to wear a perfectly fitting helmet whenever you ride a motorbike.

Perfect fitting helmet means a helmet that doesn’t come loose and doesn’t flip flop in the air then you ride. Also, it’s not that tight that pops your eyes out. An unfit helmet will distract the rider on the road and it’s extremely dangerous, and you can’t deny that a distracted rider will make more errors.

So, it’s so important to ride with a fitting and comfortable helmet and choose carefully when you buy one.

Hope you find a perfect one!

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