How to Clean Bugs off Helmet Visor?

how to clean bugs off helmet visor

You definitely know how difficult it is to remove bugs off your helmet if you ever went through a shower of bugs. You’ll find damn spots all over your visor after you take off your helmet. It’s such a pain to remove those, and you will end up having lots of scratches if you forcefully try to remove them from your beloved motorcycle helmet.

These are so hard to remove because the bugs quickly dry after they hit your visor, leaving a stubborn spot sticking like glue. And the bugs can really mess with your vision on the road, and that’s not good at all. So, you better remove them before you hit the road.

Easiest Way to Clean Bug off Helmet Visor

The easiest way to clean bugs off motorcycle helmet visors is to use visor cleaning products. And it’s an effective way to deal with the bug guts all over your helmet. You can try the 3D Bug Remover, it’s pretty effective.

You can use the bug removal spray you’ll find in any motorcycle store for ready-made solutions on the way. You can carry it in a small spray bottle anywhere you go and spray it whenever you notice a spot. Then, just spray it on the visor, wait for about 30 seconds, and wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

Always use a helmet spray that doesn’t contain any ammonia or any petroleum ingredients; it will damage the plastic visor. Try the Plexus Plastic Cleaner; it works as a cleaner, polisher, and Protectant; talk about an all-rounder!

DIY Tips to Clean Bugs off Helmet Visor at Home

Another effective way to clean bugs off the helmet visor is to wet the spots with a soft paper towel or microfiber towel and wipe it off gently. You can also try some cleaning products but avoid ammonia-based cleaners.

In no circumstances think of wiping them with your gloves unless your visor will be a mess. Wiping them without the right way might make almost invisible scratches on the visor. It might not seem a problem, but when you ride in the sun or at night, you’ll see scratches like a spider web, and that can be dangerous.

clean bugs off helmet visor

Step-1: Find a microfiber cloth or soft paper towel

You can use a soft paper towel or a microfiber cloth to wet the bug spots on the visor. Dead bugs dry on the face shield too quickly. You might want to wipe it off with dry paper towels or even with the gloves on, but it’ll leave nasty spots and scratches.

Step-2: Soak it with warm water and let it sit on the visor

You have to soften the bug guts before you start rubbing it. And the process is as simple as it sounds, put a wet paper towel on the helmet visor. Let the spots soften for a while; 15 minutes should be good enough for that. If you find the spots are still dry or hard, try putting on the wet towel for a few more minutes.
Remember to remove the electronics from your Bluetooth helmet before you do anything with water.

Step-3: Gently Wipe off the bugs when the spots are softened

When the dead bug spots are softened, try wiping the spots gently. Rubbing like there’s no tomorrow will definitely leave some scratches on the visor, and that doesn’t look so pretty. So, wipe gently with a wet towel and try to remove the bug spots. You can also try some cleaning agents here, such as Muc-Off Cleaning Spray.

However, try to be a bit careful with the cleaning sprays, as some of them might not be too friendly with the plastic of your helmet visor. You can also try any Alcohol, Ammonia, and Phosphate free cleaner such as Khaki Tom Visor Cleaner; it works great!

Step-4: Polish the helmet visor

After removing the bugs off the visor, you can try polishing it with wax or other reflective agents. This will prevent further dead bug spots on your windshield and protect you from rain spots. Try the Rain-X Plastic Treatment, it’s been out there for a while, and it’s good! Also, check out the Nikwax Visor Proof Spray; it’s also a good deal!


For a thick coating of bugs, wet a paper towel or a microfiber cloth and lay it on the visor for some time. It will make the bug spots easier to remove. And spray the bug remover or helmet cleaner and gently wipe it with a microfiber cloth, and this should do the job.

Don’t let the bugs bother you, and keep the visor clean after every ride, even for a Supermoto helmet. It’ll increase the lifetime of the helmet and the visor. These pretty simple tricks should save your helmet and give it a long life.

Wipe the bugs off and make the visor as clear as new!

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