How to Clean Bike Helmet

How to Clean Bike Helmet

How’s it going bikers? What’s you’ve been up to lately? Finding a way to clean your motorbike helmet? You’ve landed at the right place, so let’s get started.

The main job of a motorcycle helmet is to protect your head from any impact, and that’s why you have to wear your helmet every time you ride. It doesn’t matter if you are a long time rider or a starter, it gets dirty and smelly after a certain amount of use. Besides, there are bug guts that you’ll find covering the shell and visor.

Not only it looks gross on the outside, but it also smells horrible because of the sweat and dirt inside of the helmet. These will eventually damage the helmet and that’s what you don’t want. So, it’s important to clean this undividable partner of your motorcycle from time to time.

How to clean bike helmet at home

You’ll find a bunch of cleaning methods all over the internet, and some of them are really effective. However, some might damage your precious helmet. So, you can be a little bit selective when it comes to choosing a cleaning technique.

How to Clean Bike Helmet at Home

The main ingredient we are gonna use to clean the helmet is a baby shampoo or any mild detergent. You’ll also need some Q-tips and a microfiber cloth to remove dirt from difficult places. Don’t use a strong cleaning agent like dishwashing liquid, the helmet might get damaged if you do so. And for the visor, you’ll find our detailed guideline about ‘How to clean helmet visor.’

You should remove all the electronic parts like microphones, or GoPro cameras from the helmet before you start washing the helmet. You can also remove inner liners and padding, it’ll make the process easier. And also remove the visor, there’s another article about that, make sure you check that out.

how to clean motorcycle helmet at home

Sometimes you’ll find dirt and grime caked-up on the outer surface of the helmet. It’s a good idea to loosen them before you start washing.

To do that, wet a microfiber cloth or towel with warm water and lay it over the helmet, let it rest for a while. Try not to scrub it or you’ll end up having scratches all over the surface, just let it be and let’s move on to the next step.

In the case of the removable inner liner, wash it gently with mild non-petroleum based soap like baby shampoo or mild dish soap. And soak the padding with soap water and wash it with water multiple times. You can use a light laundry detergent or the soap you used to wash the inner liners earlier. Dry these in the open air, avoid using heat like hairdryer, it might damage the liners.

Now, it’s time for the exterior, remove the microfiber clothes you put on it earlier, and wipe it with a dry one. You can use shampoo or other non-petroleum based soaps to clean the surface, if you find a stubborn spot, use a sponge to deal with that.

There’s also some good helmet cleaner available, those will do the job just fine. And finally, wipe the helmet with a light wax, just polish it on the helmet and you are good to go. You’ll find these cleaner and wax in any motorcycle shop or online.

For the vents, use a cotton swab or Q-tips to remove the dirt from inside. You can also use a compressor to do that, but don’t use any spray, it might damage the helmet.

And finally, when you are done cleaning everything, gently wipe the extra water from the helmet and let it dry for some time. When all the parts are dry put it together and it’s ready to use, shinny, and smells fresh.

To be honest, no one likes a smelly and dirty helmet and its lifetime becomes short if it’s not been cleaned regularly. So, clean your helmet with a microfiber cloth every time you finish your ride and wash it at least once a month. However, you should change the helmet every 5 years and so.

And if your helmet is in a solid condition, you can just wash it up and make it as good as new.

Good day all!

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