Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under 200 Reviews with FAQs and Buying Guide

The best motorcycle helmets for riders of all levels is a tricky question to answer. With so many different helmet manufacturers and designs to select from, finding the proper helmet can be difficult. However, if you’re looking for a low-cost option that won’t break the bank, then this article is for you. In it, we will discuss five different motorcycle helmets under $200.

best motorcycle helmet under $200


LS2 Assault Full Face

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Bell Qualifier DLX

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Bell Pit Boss Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet


Bell Pit Boss

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The helmets we’ve selected are great options for those who want cheap but still have good protection from head injuries. So, let’s find out what are the finest motorcycle helmets you can get under the $200 price point. A budget helmet buying guide and FAQ will also help you get a great helmet.

5 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under 200 Reviews


  • Helmet Type: Full-face
  • Helmet Internal Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Face Shield: A Class Pinlock-ready
  • Polycarbonate face shield( Pinlock included)
  • Inner Sun visor: Yes
  • Helmet Weight: 3.30 lbs
  • Shell Construction: Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA)
  • Sizes: XS (54-55 cm) to 2XL (62-63 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT and ECE

Key Features

# Many graphics variations: You’ll get a vast array of graphics variations of this helmet. It comes in different styles and colors.

# Wide viewport for peripheral vision: This helmet’s wide-angle viewport gives you a clear view of the surrounding area. When you’re driving, this makes it easier for you to keep an eye out for traffic.

# Built-in drop-down inner sun visor: This helmet comes with an inner drop-down sun visor to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays.

# Emergency Release Cheak pad System: The emergency cheek pads release system helps the EMT quickly and easily remove the cheek pads without any trouble. That’s a unique and indeed life-saving feature that you rarely see in budget motorcycle helmets.

# Adjustable Flow-through ventilation structure: This budget-friendly helmet has adjustable vents that let you regulate the amount of air you need inside. The vents are perfect for keeping your head cool even on a long ride.

Reason to Buy

LS2 Assault helmet is relatively new on the market that comes within the same budget range as the LS2 Rapid Street Helmet. This helmet got one particular feature that’s pretty rare to see in such a budget helmet: the emergency cheek pads release system. You’ll see this feature in higher-end helmets such as LS2 Challenger Carbon GT. But with this Assault helmet, you got it at a budget price. An optically correct face shield is included that supports Pinlock and deals with the foggy vision from your breath. Click here to see more pictures of the LS2 Assault helmet.

Reason to Avoid

This helmet can be considered the best motorcycle helmet under $200 with its features at an affordable price. However, if you are looking for an even more budget-friendly helmet, you can check out the ILM full-face helmet. It’s definitely not the best thing after sliced bread, but it’ll do the job for you.

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  • Helmet Type: Full-face
  • Helmet Internal Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Face Shield: ClickRelease face shield
  • Inner Sun visor: No
  • Helmet Weight: 3.43 lbs (approx.)
  • Shell Construction: Polycarbonate or ABS shell
  • Sizes: XS (53-54 cm) to 2XL (63-64 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT and ECE

Key Features

# Stable aerodynamic profile: This budget helmet will give you a sleek, aerodynamic look that will support your riding style.

# Reasonably light-weighted: This budget helmet is reasonably lightweight, making it a great choice for those who want to stay comfortable while riding.

# Velocity Flow Ventilation System: The ventilation structure of Bell is decent enough to keep you cool while riding.

# Nutrafog 2 anti-fog shield: The face shield of this helmet is not Pinlock-ready. But an anti-fog coating on the shield takes care of the fogging.

# Integrated Speaker Pockets: There are speaker pockets inside this helmet. These will help you to install your com unit without much trouble.

Reason to Buy

Bell Qualifier is a popular helmet that provides you with a reasonably affordable price. This helmet does not come with a Pinlock-ready face shield; it has its own anti-fog feature, NutraFog II. The helmet is manufactured with a polycarbonate shell on the outside and an EPS liner inside for excellent impact absorption. Click here to see more pictures of this Bell Qualifier DLX helmet.

Reason to Avoid

This is a fairly older model from Bell that misses some of the important updates, such as the MIPS. However, you can get this feature in the Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS helmet, which is slightly higher in price.

To see the current price of the Bell Qualifier helmet, simply click the button below.

Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet


  • Helmet Type: Half helmet
  • Helmet Internal Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Face Shield: No face shield
  • Inner Sun visor: Yes Drop down sun visor
  • Helmet Weight: 1.63 lbs (approx.)
  • Shell Construction: TriMatrix (Kevlar/carbon/fiberglass composite) shell
  • Sizes: From XS (53-54 cm) to XXL (63-64 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT
Bell Pit Boss Street Motorcycle Helmet

Key Features

# Half-face helmet: This is a half helmet and that means it’s smaller in size and weight. If you don’t like to wear a full-face helmet all the time, this Bell Pit boss half helmet is perfect.

# Internal sun visor: Even if it’s a half helmet, this one comes with a built-in drop-down sun visor. And in Bell’s words, this sun visor gives you ‘On The Fly’ protection from the sun.

# Convenient speaker cutouts: You can easily install your Bluetooth device in this helmet. Inside, there is enough room for the speakers.

# Cold weather neck curtain: What you’ll do with a half helmet if it’s cold outside? Don’t worry, you’ll get a removable neck curtain with this helmet that’ll keep you warm in the cold.

# Speed dial fitment system: This is the coolest and most unique feature of this helmet. Now you can say goodbye to the lifting up of the half helmet at high speed. The Speed dial system at the back of the helmet takes care of it and it’s totally adjustable according to the user’s comfort.

Reason to Buy

The biggest reason to buy this Bell Pit Boss helmet is that it offers half helmet features. And you’ll get this branded helmet at an amazingly affordable price. This is lightweight and small and it’s a low-profile helmet. If you are worried about the mushroom head problem of the half shell helmets, rest assured. This Bell Pit Boss helmet is one of the best half helmets with no mushroom head out there if you find the right size.

Reason to Avoid

A half helmet gives you the freedom of wearing a lighter, smaller helmet. At the same time, a half helmet means less protection. There is no chin area in the front in a half helmet, that’s why, unlike a full-face helmet, it’s less safe. In case you want an all-in-one safe helmet, you should go for the full-face ones mentioned on this list.

Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet


  • Helmet Type: Full-face
  • Helmet Internal Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Face Shield: EverClear anti-fog face shield
  • Inner Sun visor: No
  • Helmet Weight: 3.81 lbs
  • Shell Construction: Advanced Polycarbonate shell
  • Sizes: XS (53-54 cm) to 4XL (67-68 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT and SNELL M2015

Key Features

# Aero-tuned shell sculpture: This is an aerodynamic helmet and you can tell by looking at it. It’s designed to reduce drag and improve balance, even at speed.

# Integrated speaker pockets: There are speaker pockets inside this helmet that allows you to install Bluetooth com units, and that’s pretty cool!

# EMT-friendly, emergency-release cheek pads: Not all budget helmets have this feature. Emergency release cheek pads are specially designed so that EMTs can easily remove them in case of an accident.

# Breath Deflector and Chin Curtain included: A breath deflector and chin curtain are real quality-of-life features. They help reduce wind noise and control the fogging-up issue inside the helmet.

# Aero-Tuned ventilation feature: The huge air intake at the top and the 3-port exhaust ventilation deals with the humid air inside the helmet.

Reasons to Buy

This is a helmet that is SNELL rated and comes with an emergency cheek pad release mechanism. Safety-wise, this is a helmet that you want to have if you are low on budget and want quality safety features. The graphics and styling options for this Scorpion EXO-R420 helmet are also quite fantastic. A good-looking helmet, with quality features and also pretty good at safety; what else do you want from a helmet under $200? The Scorpion EXO-R420 is the perfect solution.

Reason to Avoid

This EXO-R420 helmet is a good bang for the buck but it also got some issues. First of all, this helmet doesn’t have a sun visor. So, you have to carry a sunglass with you if you want some shade and that’s fine considering the price. However, it’s not the quietest helmet out there that’s for sure. Well, you won’t get a Shoei RF1400 quality noise-cancellation helmet under $200 that’s also a fact.

Honorable Mention - Sena Outrush Bluetooth Helmet


  • Helmet Type: Modular
  • Helmet Internal Shape: Intermediate to Neutral Oval
  • Face Shield: Clear face shield
  • Inner Sun visor: Yes
  • Helmet Weight: 3.81 lbs.
  • Shell Construction: Polycarbonate ABS Shell
  • Sizes: S (55-56 cm) to XL (61-62 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT
Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Key Features

# Modular feature: This modular helmet can be lifted to make it an open-face helmet, letting you enjoy the fresh air and scenic views.

# Bluetooth-integrated helmet: This helmet is equipped with a Bluetooth device, speakers, and microphone. You can easily stay connected while out on your bike with the help of the Bluetooth 3.0 technology of this Sena helmet.

# Built-in sun visor: This helmet comes equipped with an all-in-one sun visor that is built right into the helmet. The visor is a drop-down sun visor that’ll give you shade from the direct sunlight.

# Built-in speakers and mic: There’s no need to deal with the sires and guts of the helmet and install a com unit. This helmet already comes with a Bluetooth device, mic, and speaker pre-installed.

# Mesh breathable alloy interior: The helmet has a soft, comfortable interior that is easily removable and can be washed. Also, the Mesh alloy interior is breathable, and it lets the air flow through the helmet.

Reason to Buy

Sena Outrush is one of the very few modular helmets with an integrated or pre-installed Bluetooth device. Manage your songs, make phone calls, and answer texts by using the built-in controls on the left side of the helmet. Installing the com unit is no extra hassle; just put them on and connect them with your phone. If you want to buy a Bluetooth modular helmet on a budget, this Sena Outrush is for you. Click here to see more pictures of this Bluetooth helmet.

Reason to Avoid

As the Sena Outrush is a modular helmet with a Bluetooth device pre-installed, it’s good but not that great in quality. Also, this helmet reportedly has wind noise issues at higher speeds. If you are looking for a quality Bluetooth and aerodynamic experience, you can go for the Shoei Neotec 2 helmet. You can also go for the budget alternative of that, the HJC i90 helmet.


  • Helmet Type: Open-face
  • Helmet Internal Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Face Shield: Clear face shield
  • Inner Sun visor: Yes, Drop-down dun visor
  • Helmet Weight: 3.38 lbs.
  • Shell Construction: Polycarbonate Shell
  • Sizes: XS (54-55 cm) to 2XL (63-64 cm)
  • Safety Standards: DOT
Bell Mag-9 Open Face Helmet

Key Features

# Open-face commuter helmet: This open-face helmet is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their front chin area free from obstructions. This Mag-9 helmet from Bell is overall the best budget open-face commuter helmet, you can say.

# Bluetooth com-unit ready design: You’ll get a Bluetooth-ready design in this helmet. It perfectly fits in the Sena SMH10 com unit.

# Velocity flow ventilation structure: With this helmet, you’ll get the velocity flow ventilation structure that’ll keep the inside of the helmet cool.

# Removable peak visor: This helmet has a decent-sized peak visor. This helmet has a sun visor that can be lowered to shield the wearer from the glare of the sun.

# Removable and washable interior: You can easily remove and wash the interior of this helmet. There are large speaker pockets inside this helmet. That ensures it’s comfortable even with speakers installed.

Reason to Buy

Bell Mag-9 helmet is the right choice for commuters who want an open-face safe, protective, and stylish helmet. The helmet also has a unique design that offers impressive airflow to keep you cool on hot days. In addition, this helmet is compatible with Sena Bluetooth headsets such as the Bell-specific Sena SMH10. Click here to check out more pictures of this Bell Mag-9 helmet.

Reason to Avoid

This is an open-face helmet, so the chin bar area is unprotected, as you can see. So, if you happen to be in an accident, the chin bar area will be at high risk. Also, a full-face helmet is more aerodynamically correct or stable than an open-face helmet. You can go for the LS2 Assault helmet if you want those covered.

Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $200 Buying Guide

# Helmet Safety

Motorcycle accidents are one of the utmost reasons for death on the roads. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine reports that more than 60% of all motorcycle fatalities are due to head trauma. For this reason, motorcyclists must wear the best available helmet when riding.

As we are looking at a helmet at an affordable price, under 200 dollars, to be specific, we can’t expect a helmet made out of carbon fiber. You’ll find those on a bit higher budget; check out our Top full face helmet reviews to find out more about that.

However, you can still find a safe helmet in this budget, safe by the standards of the U.S Department of Transportation. Make sure the helmet you choose (whatever the budget) has at least a DOT safety certificate. You can identify whether a helmet is DOT approved or not by the ‘DOT’ sticker at the back and from the user manual.

# Fitting and Comfort

Let’s do a quick reality check; a budget helmet won’t have the same level of premium quality fabrics and materials you might find in a high-end helmet. However, if you pay attention to a few things while choosing the helmet, you can get pretty comfortable even within this budget.

The key thing here is to get a helmet with the perfect shape and size for your head. What you have to double-check here is the inner shape and the sizing of the helmet. You must first identify the size and shape of your head before you do any of this stuff.

Find out your head size; motorcycle helmets usually come from XS up to 3XL or sometimes even 5XL. And for the head shape, there are mainly three head shapes available, and they are-

  • Round oval: Rounder inner shape
  • Intermediate Oval: Rather narrow at the front and back, but with a roundish center
  • Long Oval: Narrow from the front to end

# Features and Styling

When it comes to choosing a helmet style, you usually have a bunch of variations in your hand. You can have any of them, from an open-face helmet to a fully covered full-face helmet. But absolutely make sure you have a helmet on your head whenever you ride your motorcycle.

The most common motorcycle helmet types are mentioned as follows-

  • Full-face helmet: The helmet shell covers and protects the entire part of your head
  • Modular helmet: A full-face helmet, but you can lift or flip the chin bar up
  • Dual-sport or adventure helmet: A mix of a full-face helmet and a motocross helmet, face shield in the front, and peak visor on the top
  • Motocross helmet: A dirt bike helmet that you wear with goggles
  • Half helmet: A helmet that protects the top of your head; face, and neck open for better airflow
  • Open-face helmet: A helmet without anything at the chin or jaw area

    There’s plenty of fish in the sea, and here you have plenty of helmet options available for you. You can pick the one you like the most and the one that fits your requirements; you’ll find some good ones even at this budget. Also, check out our Top budget dual sport helmet reviews to find out about some of the coolest adventure helmets out there!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The reasonable price of a helmet depends on what you want out of that motorcycle helmet. For example, a simple helmet might cost only $100 to $200. In comparison, a more sophisticated one that is aerodynamic and equipped with other features can cost well over $1000. The choice of the helmet will depend on the use, but it is generally accepted that an inexpensive one will not protect as well as one that costs much more.

Kind of Yes, kind of No! It is difficult to answer this question. The obvious answer is yes because they are better than less-expensive helmets in almost every aspect. However, the consumer’s experience may be different; not everyone has the same budget, fitting, and priorities. So, it depends!

Helmets tend to be so expensive because the materials used to make them are highly sought-after. The foam in helmets is called expanded polystyrene, also known as EPS. And the skull or outer shell of the motorcycle helmet is usually made of strong materials that protect your head. So depending on the sizes and types of helmets, they can be expensive or budget-friendly.


If you’re looking for a low-cost option that won’t break the bank, take your time and do research to find the right helmet. It might not look like it, but many people get confused here as so many brands and models of helmets are available.

What’s important is you get what helmet works for you and get a safe one. There are some great motorcycle helmets available in this budget, as mentioned. Just go for the helmet that has everything you need and styles you like. I hope you find the best helmet that fits you!

Good Day!

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