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Moto helmets have been around for many years now, and as a result, there are countless designs and colors to choose from. But what does your choice of motorcycle helmet say about you? Are you a rebel? A dandy? Or maybe you just like the way it looks? When choosing a motorcycle helmet, there are a lot of things to think about, such as style and safety.

Whether you ride a Harley-Davidson or a Huffy, your head lid tells a lot about who you are as a rider. The helmet design is an important part of motorcycle culture and has been for decades. Asking yourself a few questions is the best way to figure out which helmet is best for you. The most important thing is to know what you want your helmet to do and how you want it to look.

What your motorcycle helmet says about you?

Your motorcycle helmet can say quite a lot about you. It can show your personality, what you like, and your interest. It can also be a way to show your skills or show support for a cause. Some people might see it as a symbol of freedom and independence, while others might see it as a form of self-expression. Ultimately, what your motorcycle helmet says about you is up to you!

A motorcycle helmet sends about an individual will vary depending on the helmet and the rider.

However, some popular motorcycle helmets are often associated with a certain personality or image. That includes the Harley Davidson Fat Boy and the Biker Babe helmets.

It can symbolize your experience level, style, and personality. For example, some people wear helmets because they think it’s safer, but others wear them for aesthetic reasons (plus safety). There are several kinds of motorcycle helmets, so it’s important to find one that fits your style and personality.

Helmet Types

Full-face helmets are a specific style of motorcycle helmet that completely enclose the rider’s head and face. They are considered to be the most protective type of motorcycle helmet. This type of helmet is often recommended for riders who are most at risk of experiencing a serious injury in a crash. Even if you’re just going around the block, you might want to think about putting on a full-face helmet for added protection. A damn U-Haul truck could be lurking around the corner for all you know.

Full-face helmets offer superior protection from front, side, and rear impacts. They also offer better vision and hearing protection than other types of helmets. A full-face helmet means safety and protection; it also means you are a cautious and responsible motorcycle rider.

Modular motorcycle helmets are designed in a way that it converts into different types according to the user’s need. You can lift the modular helmet’s front chin bar if you want. It allows you to switch between helmet types according to your needs and situation. For example, you can turn it into a full-face helmet or an open-face helmet, and it’s super convenient for commuting.

Depending on the brand and model, a modular helmet is as safe as a full-face helmet. Conversely, it allows you to wear either a 3/4 or open-face helmet. A modular helmet means you love the convenience and comfortable ride.

A dual-sport motorcycle helmet is a type of motorcycle helmet that can be used for both street riding and off-road riding. This type of helmet is designed to protect the rider’s head from the elements and provide additional safety features. For example, there’s a peak visor, for off-road use.

This type of helmet is usually used if you are on a tour that includes both street rides and off-road trails. And a dual-sport helmet with the peak visor looks way cool and aggressive than a typical full-face helmet, and some people love it! However, no helmet is perfect; dual-sport helmets tend to be loud and not so aerodynamic. The peak visor on the top scoops a big chunk of air, creating decent drag when you ride at speed. A dual sport helmet is for you if you love your adventure and you put your tire marks on both highways and off-road trails.

A 3/4 or open-face helmet does not have the chin bar or jawline area at the front. These are one of the most common helmets found among motorcycle riders. The plus point of an open-face helmet is this helmet gives you better vision and helps you to stay cool in the heat. Also, as there is no front chin area, you’ll have tons of air rushing on your face while riding, keeping you cool.

On the other side of the coin, the very same thing, not having a chin bar compromises your safety. Imagine what happens when you happen to hit something in front of you; there is no chin area to protect your face. However, people still choose a 3/4 helmet because it gives you more freedom and tons of free area to not feel suffocated and breathe.

A half helmet protects only the upper part of your head. The front, side, and rear parts of your head remain open. This means better airflow, better freedom, and better ventilation. It’s a great first helmet or a passenger or extra helmet. A half helmet can be a great start if you do not like to wear a full-face helmet but are concerned about your safety on the road.

However, as half helmet means less coverage, it also means less protection.

Popular Motorcycle Helmet Symbols

Biker culture often influences the design and customizations of motorcycle accessories and helmets. People like to prefer certain personalities in their motorcycle gear and design. And those are heavily influenced by biker groups and culture. Some of the popular symbols are explained below.

# Skull with crossbones

Western cultures often use the skull and crossed design to symbolize respect and fearlessness. In some cases, it can also represent that the individual is unafraid of others. There’s also a saying that this symbol drives away death; that’s what they way. This Skull sign has an aesthetic value; it looks super cool! A skull with crossbones means the rider is courageous and doesn’t fear death (and it looks cool!).

# Malta Cross

The Malta Cross is a symbol of protection, bravery, and courage. It is also sometimes called “the George Cross” in honor of Britain’s King George VI. The Malta Cross was created in 1940, during World War II. It was created to recognize heroism and bravery on the part of Maltese civilians and military personnel. Nowadays, this sign is seen on motorcycle helmets, jackets, and other accessories. A Malta Cross sign on the motorcycle helmet means the rider is brave and honored.


FTW sign originally represents ‘For The Win.’ This is often used to show support and approval. People also use it for positivity and a positive spirit. However, nowadays, the same sign can mean different meanings, and that is Duck The World. And this form of the sign means the rebellious phase. So a helmet with an FTW sign can mean either positivity or rebellion.

# Others

When it comes to custom design and symbols for a motorcycle helmet, the damn sky is the limit. Some popular signs are mentioned above, and definitely, that’s not all. There are tons of other signs, each representing a different meaning. Take Roses, for example; they can mean love and passion. But, on the other hand, a WW2 sign represents a much deeper meaning related to the war.


Motorcycle helmets can be a great way to show your personality and what you’re interested in You can also use them to show off your skills or help a good cause. So, if you’re thinking of getting a motorcycle helmet, think about what will make you feel good and show your support for what you believe in. If you want to pick a design for your custom motorcycle helmet, it’s better to start with what you want and how you want to make it look. Sometimes, simple design looks the best. Hope you found the perfect design for your motorcycle helmet.

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