NENKI Enduro NK-310 Helmet Review

The NENKI NK-310 is an entry-level dual-sport helmet at a really convenient price. The thing that most people like about this helmet is its aggressive and attractive looks at a competitively lower price point. Since this helmet comes with a red mirror face shield and a spare clear shield, it’s especially useful. Overall, this NENKI helmet looks good, comes at a really attractive price, and it’s DOT approved.

As it’s an entry-level budget helmet, it won’t be fair to expect all of the top motorcycle helmet features in it. So, let’s find out what this NENKI Enduro NK-310 helmet got.

NENKI Enduro NK-310 Helmet Review

Structure and Design

This is a adventure or dual-sport helmet, and this NENKI looks just like that. Aggressive styling and some cool graphics make this helmet more attractive. Especially the red iridium shield gives this helmet an awesome outlook.

Now, let’s come to the peak of this thing; it’s not an adjustable peak visor. And when you want to remove that peak, there’s the top screw you can see, but the screws on both sides are covered with some kind of plate cover kind of things.

These may be for better aerodynamics, but this feature makes the shield and peak removal a pain. And definitely, it’s not the easiest shield removal out there, but at least you can remove the peak and make it street helmet profiled. But the peak does its job just fine, so these can be tolerated.


And for ventilation and stuff, the vents of this helmet are passive vents, like they are always open ones. If you go a bit further with the price, you’ll find some of the other budget ADV helmets with active ones, like the GMax GM11D.

But at the price this NK-310 helmet comes, that’s okay; it’s acceptable. The ventilation structure of this helmet consists of a large chin vent and two jaw vents; these will intake enough air around your face area. And there are two upper intake vents just at the end of the peak, and these are just fine. There are four exhaust rear vents to let the air pass through the helmet.

These are supposed to keep the air flowing inside the helmet, and I can’t say you’ll get the best ventilation here, but it’s not too shabby. However, if you are looking for a budget helmet with better ventilation, the HJC DS-X1 or Fly Racing Dirt Trekker might work for you.

Safety Measurements

Before moving on to the detailed safety features of this NENKI NK-310 helmet, I must say this helmet is an entry-level helmet. And this one might not provide you the safety or assurance as a premium Arai XD4 or Shoei Hornet X2 helmet does.

Anyway, the shell of this NK-310 helmet is made of ABS thermal plastic impact-resistant material. That’s the same shell material you might see in some of the budget, entry-level helmets, or even helmets with a bit higher price. So, I can’t say either that this helmet is not safe; it’s a DOT-rated helmet, after all.

There’s also some EPS and Cushioning impact liner inside this helmet shell, like all the helmets. These ensure your comfort and protect your head from inside.

And for the fastening, this helmet got pretty much the most popular or available Steel Double D-ring chin strap. However, you can upgrade that to the quick-release one if you like that one better.

Face Shield or Visor

The nice thing about these dual-sport or adventure helmets is the viewport. These are bigger than the ones of any other low-profile full-face helmets. So, you get enough space for your goggles and a larger field of view even when you are using this helmet as a typical full-face one.

And like I mentioned earlier, this helmet comes with two face shields, one you can see on almost all the photos and one clear shield. The red mirror shield looks totally sick, especially on the skull black, green, and blue graphics variant of the helmet. It also looks pretty nice on the matte black ones.

On the other hand, the clear shield comes with the helmet out of the box and is called Extra Anti Fog Clear Visor. Because there’s an anti-fog coating on the inner surface of the helmet to prevent fogging up, this shield might not work so well. There are other Pinlock-ready helmets are available if you raise the budget a little bit. Such as the HJC DS-X1 or AFX FX-41 DS.


A helmet needs to be comfortable enough to enjoy your ride, especially if you are about on an adventure tour. Eventually, a perfect-fit helmet might feel better and more comfortable than an uncomfortable premium one; that’s a fact.

This NENKI NK-310 helmet seemed fine enough; the cheek pads and the inner liner are detachable. And you can put it for a wash, which will make the interior last longer and make the liner sweat-free and fresh.

However, this is an entry-level helmet, and this helmet won’t be as comfy as the Shoei RF-1400 or any premium helmet like that. But it’s fair for the price you get this NENKI helmet.

Fitting and Size

Figuring out what size fits you better is a must, not only for this helmet but for any other helmet. Spend some time figuring out which helmet size and shape best suit your needs.

This NENKI NK-310 helmet comes from Medium (57-58 cm) to X-Large (59-60 cm). So, I see there are not many options here, but if you fit in any of the sizes mentioned, you can go for this budget helmet.


  • Attractive looks
  • Great value for the money
  • DOT safety standards approved
  • Two visors included out of the box
  • Detachable and washable interior
  • Air Permeable ventilation structure


  • Loud
  • Not so premium quality
  • Not that great ventilation


Well, the NENKI NK-310 helmet, the price this adventure helmet comes in, you might save some bucks here. It’s an entry-level helmet, all right, but this helmet comes equipped with at least the basic features of any dual-sport helmet.

However, as a low price helmet, this one might not give the same performance as some of the other little bit higher-priced helmets do. But if you have a tight budget or you’re looking for a cool and gorgeous passenger helmet, this one might do the job.

If you are looking for something like this helmet that would be a bang for the buck for you, some other helmets might work. Such as LS2 Helmets Blaze, 1Storm Dual Sport Hf802, or GDM DK-650.

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