Shoei RF-SR Helmet Review

The Shoei RF-SR is far from an entry-level helmet. And that’s what Shoei has to say about this higher middle-range street helmet. It’s a pretty much premium level helmet anyway, at the price it comes. This Shoei helmet is designed for the upright riding position as it seems. Perfect for a daily commute and tour also you can use it in a racing track or so. We’ll highlight more features like this in the Shoei RF-SR Helmet Review.

A bit of aggressive and bit of conservative look helps the helmet stand out. And there are other well-designed features available in this helmet as well. Just like the premium and superior Shoei RF1200 helmet. The price difference between these two helmets is about $100 or so. And if you spend a few more bucks, you get a quieter, lighter helmet.

However, there are a few ups and downs for every single helmet out there including these two. So, let’s get to the main review of this Shoei RF-SR and see what this helmet got in the bag. And might as well compare it to the fan-favorite RF-1400 helmet.

Shoei RF-SR Helmet Review

Structure and Design

The shell structure and the styling of this helmet are quite aggressive looking. Especially the V kinda shape of the chin and forehead vent area actually looks unique. Also, this helmet only comes in solid color but that perfectly goes with the vent shapes and it looks cool.

Not only the looks but the aerodynamic shape and compact shell structure is also praiseworthy. This helmet is specially made to confirm maximum performance in a short-distance street ride. Also, your desired comfort on a long-distance tour. It’s perfect for the riders who like to ride in an upright position, with better ventilation, better comfort. 

The ventilation also works pretty well, the upper vents and the chin vents intake enough air to make the interior cool. There are two upper vents and three chin vents take care of that optimal airflow. And to let the inner air pass through, there are two well-positioned rear vents under the integrated spoiler.

The integrated spoiler here reduces the drag and lift created by high-speed riding. This improves the total aerodynamic performance of the helmet. Both the ventilation and the aerodynamic profile of this Shoei helmet is enhanced using wind-tunnel. That’s the same as the RF1200 but spending a few more bucks will get you a little better performance. Although the noise level and the aerodynamics of the RF-SF is not half bad.

Safety Measurements

Well, safety is the main reason the riders bother to wear the helmet and they always should be. It’s the major and most important safety equipment on the road after all.

This helmet Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ Shell, which is the same as the RF-1200 helmet’s shell. And it is good enough, it’s the lightest and strongest shell from Shoei and it’s flexible to impact energy. These abilities make this shell one of the best out there. And for the shell construction, it’s made of six layers of fiberglass and resin with organic fibers. These shells are handmade by Shoei helmet experts who are specially trained for this job.

And for the EPS liner, this helmet has Double-layer, multi-density liner. The EPS liner and the shell both absorb energy in case of an impact and saves the rider’s life. Also, the well channeled EPS liner allows the air to pass through the helmet and keep the inside cool. Overall, it makes the helmet more lightweight and compact.

Like most of the helmets nowadays, the RF-SR also has the Emergency Quick Release System or E.Q.R.S. in short. It helps the EMP (emergency medical personnel) to take away the pads easily and securely. And eventually, remove the helmet from the injured person’s head without causing any additional damage.

And both RF-1400 and RF-SR helmets are SNELL M2015 and DOT approved. So, you can hit the road without any worry wearing these helmets.

Face Shield or Visor

Visibility is also important for a helmet that you are spending your money on. And here you get a 3D injection-molded CWR-1 Shield with this helmet. This visor confirms destruction-free sight through the whole field of vision. And this helmet is Pinlock ready and also comes with Pinlock EVO insert lens out of the box, which is super useful to prevent fogging up. 

The shield locking system is now improved and there are the ribs on the bottom and top edge of the shield. These confirm a better seal between the visor and the helmet. The visor locking system is spring-loaded and it allows you to easily flip up and close the helmet. Even it’s a piece of cake while riding and it helps in maintaining the seal from air and water. The shield changing mechanism is quite easy and fast, it’s called QR-E Base Plate System.


The interior structure is 3D shaped premium components made and it confirms comfort like the RF-1200. The make and the whole interior structure are superior and there are lots of air channeling ways for the ventilation. And of course, the interior, as well as the cheek pads are completely removable and washable.

For the cheek pads, these are Multi-layer cheek pads and comes in various sizes. These also play a vital role in better comfort and keeping the helmet steady. Also, there are a removable large chin curtain and breath guard added to the helmet. These give you a bit more noise-free and comfortable feel. 

There are speaker cutouts and ear pads at both sides of the helmet. If you want to fit any third-party com device, just pull those out and put them in. Those shouldn’t create extra pressure on your ear.

Fitting and Size

Fitting is another important thing to check out when you want to buy a new helmet. First of all, find out what size and shape of helmet fit you and then proceed with the picking process.

For this helmet, it comes in from 2XS (51–52 cm) to 3XL (65–66 cm) sizes. Also, there are 4 shell sizes (XS to XXL). So, you get a bunch of options here to choose from and that shouldn’t be a problem. After you find out your head shape and size just go for the one that comes in your category. Another thing inner shape of this helmet is Intermediate Oval, which is the common western head shape.


  • Aerodynamic and Aggressive Shell Structure
  • Lightweight AIM+ Shell Construction
  • Optimized Ventilation System
  • Emergency Quick Release System
  • Pinlock EVO Included
  • CWR-1 Advanced Shield
  • DOT and SNELL M2015 Certifications


  • Might be unsuitable for too heated weather
  • Ventilation could be better
  • Could be a bit quieter


Well, this is kind of an all-rounder helmet that’ll cover your track days and also your everyday touring. The aerodynamic aggressive looks and structure, comfortable interior. And great protection really makes this helmet worth investing in.

However, if you spend a few more bucks you get the Shoei RF-1200 Helmet. That quieter, lighter, and overall a bit more suitable for track conditions. But if you like that conservative style or if you like to ride in an upright position then you can definitely choose this RF-SR helmet.

While you are looking at a helmet at this price range, you might also like some of the other helmets in the same range. Such as HJC RPHA 70 ST, Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS HelmetHJC RPHA 11 Pro, and of course none other than the Shoei RF-1200.

Hope you find your desired helmet and ride freely, have a great day!

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