Nexx X.WED 2 Helmet Review

Nothing’s like cruising down the road in style, riding your motorcycle on an adventure ride. And if you want to enjoy your ride to the fullest, you’ll definitely need a comfortable and safe helmet over your head. And talking about premium helmets, this Nexx helmet offers quality similar to the Arai or Shoei.

The Nexx X.WED 2 helmet is a stylish premium adventure helmet. It provides you with features of both a street helmet and an off-road helmet. Although it won’t disappoint you on a dirt bike ride, it’s more of a street-profiled helmet. Of course, if you want to get a better product, you’ll have to invest more. And for this particular helmet, you’ll get what you are paying for, a well-built, comfortable, stylish ADV helmet.

In our detailed review, let’s spill the bean with you about this Nexx helmet.

Nexx X.WED 2 Helmet Review

Structure and Design

As I mentioned earlier, this is more of a street helmet than an off-road helmet, something like the AGV AX9. Yet, unlike most other dual-sport helmets, the basic structure of this helmet is almost identical to a full-face helmet.

The peak is, of course, detachable, and it’s a unique and easy mechanism. When the peak is taken off, this helmet switches into a street helmet that is more aerodynamic. And in a way, this helmet is quite similar to the Klim Krios helmet, which is also a premium adventure helmet.

One thing you’ll notice about this helmet and that’s the graphics of this helmet. Damn! It looks cool, and there are also a bunch of options available for this model.

And as you know, vlogging has become popular nowadays among some riders. You can now easily fit any action camera at this helmet’s top or the sides. Also, a Bluetooth com unit is a very convenient feature to have; some people love to chat with others or listen to music using them. This helmet is an X-COM – NEXX communication-ready, which is cool.


A good ventilation structure is crucial for any helmet, regardless of whether it’s an adventure one or not. In the case of a premium helmet, you don’t want to spend your money on something that makes you think that you are wearing a cooker instead of a helmet.

And here, this Nexx helmet got a ventilation structure called Air Dynamic System. This structure consists of 3 intake vents and four exhaust vents, and these vents seem to work pretty well. It takes in enough air and lets the air flow through the helmet, which keeps your head cool.

If getting great airflow inside the helmet is your priority, you can check out something like the Arai XD-4; it’s great, actually.

Safety Measurements

Well, when you ride a motorcycle, you put on the helmet to protect your head., right? So whatever ride you take, you need something solid and reliable over your head that protects your head in need.
This X.WED2 helmet uses a shell made of fiberglass and organic fibres. For example, you’ll see in some of the other premium helmets, such as the Arai Signet X.

On the other hand, this Nexx helmet comes with something they call the X-MATRIX Shell. That is made out of a combination of aramid fibers, 3D organic fibers, fiberglasses, and carbon-based materials.

And it’s also important that you check the safety certification of the helmet you are paying for. It has to be at least DOT-approved to be legal and safe enough for you to take it on the streets. And this helmet got you covered here; it’s a DOT-certified helmet.

Face Shield or Visor

Visibility is also important for a helmet; if you can’t have a clear and distortion-free view, the ride won’t be so pleasant and won’t be safe either. You might see on the budget-friendly dual-sport helmets they tend to have slightly bent shields in the middle. And this might cause visual distortion, which is dangerous.

As a premium helmet, this one here has a Panoramic Eye-port feature. That’s basically a bigger and wider viewport, suitable for some goggles. And you might see this Panovision viewport in some of the higher-end helmets, such as the Bell Race Star.

And as for the shield itself, it’s called PC Lexan Shield, which is a clear anti-fog shield. And another thing very useful about this shield is this it is actually Pinlock ready. So you can install a Pinlock fog resistance lens anytime you want, which works like a charm when it comes to preventing fog-up.

Another impressive thing about this X.WED2 helmet is it has an integrated sun visor in it. This 80% tint SV seemed quite nice. And you’ll find the switch of this sun visor at the left side of the hand helmet, just over the peak. Also, the shield changing mechanism is super easy; it’s called X-Block Quick Release System.


What does a premium helmet requires when you wear it? The comfortable and snug feeling of the interior and the premium built-in materials. What’s the point of buying a helmet with this much money if it doesn’t feel comfortable when you put it on.

This helmet has a decent inner build; it’s made of a premium material they call X.MART DRY fabric. That is nice and cozy; it’s almost the same comfy as the premium Shoei Hornet X2.

Fitting and Size

Like I said a little earlier, if a premium helmet doesn’t feel premium, then what’s the point of spending money on it. It also has to do with how the helmet fits. If it doesn’t fit right, it won’t be comfy. So, before you buy a helmet, you should measure your head and find out its shape and size; this will help.

This Nexx X.WED2 helmet has some options for you; it comes in 3 shell sizes. And you’ll find it from size XS (53-54 cm) to size XXL (65-66 cm), and for the head shape, it comes with the standard Intermediate Oval shape. Click here to see the detailed sizing of the Nexx X.WED 2 Helmet.

There’s the Ergo padding system available; you’ll have to buy them separately, though. Also, it is reported that the sizing of this helmet is a bit smaller, so keep an eye here.


  • Light-weighted
  • Easy peak removal
  • Panoramic Eye Port
  • Comfortable interior
  • Premium built quality
  • Pinlock-ready face shield
  • Action camera supported


• A bit expensive
• Runs a bit smaller


The Nexx X.WED2 is a dual-sport helmet with a bunch of cool and premium features in our best budget dual-sport helmet list. In addition, it’s a nice and well-built helmet that you can take on your adventure tour.

It’s comfortable and looks great with its various graphics options. So yes, it’s a very cool helmet with the best motorcycle helmet features, but it costs a pretty penny though.

If you like helmets similar to this, you might also look at some other helmets. Such as AGV AX9, Arai XD4, Klim Krios Karbon.

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