Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmets for Glasses Wearers Reviews and Buying Guide

If you wear glasses, then you know that finding a motorcycle helmet that fits well can be quite a challenge. It gets even more tricky when you have prescription glasses and can’t ride comfortably without them. In that case, you should select a motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers that fits your head and the glasses properly.

Well, if you are looking for the best motorcycle helmet for the glasses wearer, you’ve landed on the right page. Here you’ll find some of the best motorcycle head protective gears available for glasses buddies. There’s also a buying guide at the end to help you find the best possible helmet for you; let’s roll!

Best Motorcycle Helmets for Glasses Wearers

Here are five motorcycle helmets that are specifically designed for people with glasses: 


  • Helmet Type: Modular
  • Visor or Face shield: CNS-3 shield; Pinlock EVO included
  • Inner sun visor: Built-in QSV-1 sun visor
  • Helmet interior shape: Intermediate oval
  • Helmet weight: 4.12 lbs or 1868.80 grams (approx.)
  • Shell building: Multi-Layer Matrix AIM shell
  • Sizes: XS ( 53-54 cm) to 2XL (63-64 cm)
  • Safety certificate: ECE and DOT certified, 4 Stars on the SHARP test

Key Features

# Eyeglasses-friendly cheek pad channel with glasses grooves: This helmet’s cheek pads are designed so that the temples or bars of the glasses easily fit in the helmet.

# Modular feature: You can lift up the front of the helmet, including the face shield. After wearing the helmet, it’s a breeze to put on the glasses. Even after you’ve put on your helmet, you can adjust the glasses.

# Drop-down sun visor: A built-in sun visor is enclosed with this helmet. So, no need to carry your sunglasses with you while you are wearing this Shoei helmet. And you can get shade from the sun while wearing your prescribed glasses in your helmet.

# Bluetooth compatibility: The Shoei Neotec 2 helmet was specially designed for the SENA SRL/SRL2 Communication Systems. The best part is that the com unit blends with the helmet’s shape.

# Wind tunnel-tested aerodynamics: This helmet is aerodynamically balanced as a wind tunnel-tested helmet. Especially, this is a Bluetooth helmet, but there won’t be any com device outside of the helmet even if you install it.

Reason to buy

This Shoei Neotec 2 helmet is kind of an all-in-one perfect helmet for glasses wearers. It’s a modular helmet that gives you the freedom to put on or adjust the glasses while wearing the helmet. Also, you get a drop-down sun visor that fits perfectly with the prescription glasses on. And the Bluetooth compatibility with aerodynamic stability makes it even more fantastic. More images of the Shoei Neotec 2 helmet can be found here.

Reason to avoid

This is a Shoei helmet with all the features you need for a comfortable ride (mostly). And as you might’ve guessed, it’s not the most budget-friendly helmet out there. But is there a helmet with similar features at a lower price? Actually, there is the LS2 Helmets Valiant II helmet has similar features but with a slightly budget-friendly price, and you can go for that.

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  • Helmet type: Full face
  • Visor or Face shield: Pinlock ready A Class Polycarbonate face shield
  • Inner sun visor: Built-in sun visor
  • Helmet interior shape: Long oval
  • Helmet weight: 3.64 lbs or 1651.076 grams (approx.) 
  • Shell building: High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology (HPTT) shell
  • Sizes: XS ( 53-54 cm) to 2XL (63-64 cm)
  • Safety certificate: DOT and ECE 

Key Features

# 3D Laser-cut cheek pads suitable for glasses: This helmet’s cheek pads are made in such a way that it fits glasses even if it’s a full-face helmet.

# Value for the money full-face helmet: This glasses wearer-friendly helmet comes at a very reasonable price. In fact, this LS2 Stream is one of the most affordable full-face helmets in general.

# Many graphics options to choose from: One of the coolest specialists of LS2 as a brand is their wide range of graphics and color options. This particular helmet also got DNA; it has a decent option to choose from.

# Adjustable ventilation: You can open or close the front vents of this helmet. It gives you the freedom to control the airflow inside the helmet. And that is a nice feature to have if you ride in different weather throughout the year.

# Long oval inner shape: This helmet comes with a long oval inner shape. That’s not the average western head shape or helmet internal shape. However, if you feel pressure from the front and back of your head, you can try this out while wearing an average helmet.

Reason to buy

The biggest advantage of this LS2 Stream helmet is it’s a full-face helmet on a budget that supports glasses. Many full-face and budget helmets are a pain for glasses wearers, but this one got you covered. Also, it got a built-in drop-down sun visor that’ll give you shade from the sun while wearing your prescribed glasses. So, if you are looking for a glasses-friendly full face-helmet, the LS2 Stream is for you. More images of the LS2 Stream helmet can be found here.

Reason to avoid

The inner shape of this Stream helmet is a long oval, which is not the average western head shape. If you have an intermediate oval head shape (which is the average head shape on the market), you can go for the LS2 Assault with a similar price and features. Also, the LS2 Stream helmet is a budget one, so it might not give you the premium performance as a Shoei. You can go for the Shoei RF-SR if you want a good quality full-face helmet for glasses wearers.

Click on the button to check out the current price of the LS2 Stream helmet.


  • Helmet type: Open face 
  • Visor or Face shield: Flip-up face shield
  • Inner sun visor: Drop down sun visor
  • Helmet interior shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Helmet weight: 3.38 lbs or 1530 grams (approx.)
  • Shell building: Polycarbonate shell
  • Sizes: XS (54-55 CM) to 2XL (62-63 cm)
  • Safety certificate: DOT

Key Features

# Open-face helmet: Wearing or adjusting the glasses while your helmet is on is going to be a whole lot easier when the helmet is an open-face one. Also, the interior of this Bell Mag 9 helmet is quite glasses-friendly.

# Peak visor and sun visor: Unlike many typical open-face helmets, this one has a peak visor on the top. You’ll also get a drop-down sun visor built-in with this open-face helmet. That means total protection from the sun even when you are wearing your prescribed glasses.

# Bluetooth device-ready design: This is a Bluetooth-ready helmet. The Cardo Scala Rider Q1/Q3 Stereo and Sena SMH10 headsets fit this commuter helmet perfectly.

# Velocity flow ventilation structure: This Mag 9 helmet also got the Bell’s velocity flow ventilation structure. That lets the air from the upper vents passes through and makes the inside cooler.

# Speaker pocket cut-outs: As this is a Bluetooth-ready helmet, there are dedicated speaker pockets inside it. And that means more room for the glasses to fit; that’s good news for the glasses wearers.

Reason to buy

The Bell Mag 9 is one of the best open-face helmets for glasses wearers. It helps you deal with the sun while you are wearing your prescribed glasses. This is also a great helmet for riding to work. The Bluetooth connectivity, peak visor, sun visor, and open-face features make it an overall all-rounder helmet. So if you like open-face helmet style and want a helmet that suits glasses wearers, look no further; the Bell Mag 9 got you covered. More pictures of the Bell Mag 9 helmet can be found here.

Reason to avoid

This might not be the helmet for you if you are looking for more protection, as the chin area of this helmet remains uncovered. In that case, you should go for the full-face or the modular helmets mentioned in this list; they are good enough. Also, this helmet has some wind noise issues when you are at speed. However, you can take care of that by wearing a pair of earplugs if you are not using Bluetooth.

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  • Helmet Type: Modular
  • Visor or Face shield: Clear face shield
  • Inner sun visor: Built-in sun visor
  • Helmet interior shape: Neutral oval to intermediate oval 
  • Helmet weight: 3.81 lbs or 1728.187 grams (approx.) 
  • Shell construction: Polycarbonate ABS shell
  • Sizes: S (55-56 cm) to XL (61-62 cm)
  • Safety certificate: DOT

Key Features

# Bluetooth integrated helmet: This helmet comes with a Bluetooth device installed pre-installed out of the box. With this Sena helmet, you can enjoy Bluetooth connectivity without the extra hassle of buying and fitting an extra device.

# Modular design: Similar to the Shoei Neotec 2 helmet mentioned earlier, this is also a modular helmet. That means you can lift the front part of the helmet and get the advantage of an open-face helmet. And this is sure a pleasant feature for dudes with glasses.

# Built-in speakers and mic: As a Bluetooth helmet, this helmet got all it needs to be a ready-to-go gadget. The speakers and mic are already pre-installed inside the helmet. Not to mention, this helmet is also glasses-friendly, even if it has the speakers fitted.

# Smartphone connectivity: You can connect your smartphone with the Sena Utility app and control the settings without having a hard time.

# Bluetooth features: As the Outrush helmet comes from a Bluetooth device manufacturer, it has some cool features. With this helmet, you’ll find Bluetooth 3.0, Noise Cancellation, up to 800 meters of working distance, and more features.

Reason to buy

If you enjoy the Bluetooth feature or want to add Bluetooth to your helmet, this is a good choice for you. And, you can say this Sena Outrush is one of the best Bluetooth pre-installed helmets for glasses wearers. Also, you get to enjoy the flexibility and independence of wearing a modular helmet. More picture of the Sena Outrush helmet can be found here.

Reason to avoid

The Sena Outrush is a Bluetooth-inserted helmet that’s cool, but this helmet also has some perks. For example, The people who use the Sena app don’t seem to like it very much. Also, this is not the most comfortable helmet in the world. And if you already have a com unit or if you want to install a better quality one, this might not be the best option. Instead, you can go for the HJC i90 helmet, which is pretty much the same.

Click here to check the current price of the Sena Outrush helmet.


  • Helmet type: Dual-sport
  • Visor or Face shield: Brow vent inserted face shield
  • Inner sun visor: Not included
  • Helmet interior shape: Intermediate oval
  • Helmet weight: 3.66 lbs or 1660.148 grams (approx.)
  • Shell building: Composite fiber
  • Sizes: XS (54-55 CM) to 2XL (62-63 cm)
  • Safety certificate: DOT, ECE, Snell M2020

Key Features

# Dual-sport helmet: The Arai XD4 is a well-known helmet in the dual-sport category as a touring helmet. This dual-sport helmet is like a full-face helmet and an off-road helmet in one. The dual-sport helmet has the peak visor and aggressive looks of a dirt bike helmet and face shield of a full-face helmet.

# Premium quality Arai helmet: If you have heard of the name Arai, you might already know that it’s good. Similar to the other helmets from Arai, this one also gives you premium performance and comfort even for people with glasses.

# 5 mm peel-away cheek pads: One thing Arai helmets are good for is their fitting and comfort. The peel-away cheek pads help greatly to achieve that. It’s going to be a comfortable experience for you even if you wear prescription glasses.

# Emergency cheek pads release system: This is a feature many premium helmets have, and it’s a real deal. This feature helps the EMT remove the cheek pads from the helmet if you hurt your head in a crash.

# Excellent ventilation structure: As a dual-sport helmet, the ventilation structure is pretty good in this helmet. The face shield of this XD4 helmet also has brow vents that help air get inside the helmet and help reduce fogginess.

Reason to buy

If dual-sporting is your style and you are looking for a premium helmet that’s good with glasses, you can go for this one. This is a quality helmet, no doubt about that, and it’s also a safe option with the Snell M2020 certification. Your glasses temples will fit right into the helmet, and you can use the peel-away to adjust the comfort level. More pictures of the Arai XD4 can be found here.

Reason to avoid

The Arai XD4 is a quality helmet with many fantastic features, but this is a high-end helmet with a high-end price tag. You can check out the Bell MX9 helmet, which is also a good helmet on a budget. Also, if you like to ride at speed or on highways mostly, a dual-sport helmet might not be the best option for you. You can check out the other helmets on this list for better results.

Click on the button to check the current price of the Arai XD4 helmet.

Best motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers buying guide

# Helmet structure

Helmets are safety gear for motorcycles that are meant to safeguard your head in case of an accident. You’ll find many helmets with special features, many of which are designed with glasses wearers in mind. Specific types of helmets or head protective gears that cater to different needs. How much comfort you feel while wearing a helmet over your glasses can highly depend on your type of helmet. Some of the most common helmet types are mentioned with that they mean for the glasses wearers-

• Full-face helmet: Full-face helmets are usually the most protective out of all. However, they can be bulky and uncomfortable from time to time if worn for long periods of time with glasses on. So, make sure the helmet you are getting is glasses-friendly and has glasses grooves.

• Open-face helmet: Other types of helmets include open-face models that allow pedestrians and other drivers to see the rider’s face. As there is no front chin area, it becomes much easier for you to adjust your glasses. There are also modular designs that can be converted to fit different users. 

• Half helmet: Half-face helmets are less restrictive than full-face while your front, sides, and back of your head remain unprotected. However, Eyeglasses can be easily fitted into these models, and you can adjust them easily. 
It is important to find a comfortable helmet that fits your specific needs, so be sure to try on different models before making a purchase.

# Interior Fitting

Helmet internal shape for glasses wearers is an important subject to consider. Even if you wear eyeglasses, your motorcycle helmet should still fit snugly and properly. Many motorcycle helmet manufacturers have models for people with glasses. Glasses-friendly cheek pads are one of the helpful features you should look for.
The Interior shape of a helmet might also affect your comfort with or without your glasses. Make sure that there is glasses grooves or enough room inside the helmet so that you can insert or remove your eyeglasses without difficulty. 

• Intermediate Oval: Most common head shape on the market, with roundish in the middle and slightly narrow from the front and back.
• Long Oval: Narrower from the front and back.
• Round Oval: Roundish inner shape.

# Helmet friendly glasses

If you want to wear a helmet with the glasses on, it’s better to have glasses with thin or narrow temples or sidebars. It might be a bit uncomfortable with a bulky frame, especially when you have a full-face helmet. So, try with slim frame glasses; it’ll be much easier for you to put on or adjust them. Your choices of glasses also matter if you want a comfortable helmet fitting.


If you wear glasses, make sure your motorbike helmet fits well. These are some of the finest helmets out there right now for people who wear glasses. Choose one that matches your head shape and size, and don’t forget to make sure your helmet is glasses-friendly. Be safe while riding, and don’t forget to wear your safety gear!

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