How Long is a Motorcycle Helmet Good for to Use? – Lifespan of a Helmet

The lifetime of a motorcycle helmet depends on various factors. Mostly it depends on the usage and the quality of the lid. However, whether you have heavy riding miles on the meter or a daily quick commute rider, a head-bucket does take some damage over time.

The approximate lifespan of a motorcycle helmet is usually 5-6 years. However, it heavily depends on the helmet’s age, quality, and usage over time. A helmet can last for years if maintained correctly; on the other hand, it becomes unsafe to use if it goes through an accident or any impact. Therefore, most manufacturers recommend replacing your helmet once in five years. Typically it’s called the five-year rule.

Here are about factors you need to know about the lifespan of a motorcycle helmet.

What Happens When You Wear an Expired Helmet

An expired helmet indicates a lid produced more than seven years ago or used for more than five years. An accident or impact can also make it unusable or unsafe or, in other words, ‘expired.’

Wearing an expired motorcycle lid is a risk to your safety, but also others on the street. If you wear an expired one, there is less protection for your head in case of an accident, as well as an increased risk of neck injuries.

Here’s a Youtube video about “How Helmets Work to Protect Your Brain” from Snell Memorial Foundation.

When to Replace Your Helmet

If the Shell or Liner has been Damaged

A motorcycle lid is a piece of safety equipment; you wear a helmet to be safe while riding. So, it’s pretty normal that a head protector can get hit or damaged in one or many ways. For example, it can be damaged by dropping, pressuring, and in the worst-case scenario, an accident.

So, if the outer shell or the inner liner of a lid is damaged somehow, it’s time to say goodbye to that and get a new one. Especially if the lid had faced an accident, it might not look from the outside, but the outer shell gets micro cracks if It gets hit.

And, of course, wearing a broken or cracked helmet is like skating on thin ice.

If it Gets Old and Worn Out

Helmets also get old and retired over time; you need to replace them once they’ve served their duties and aged. The padding of a fairly used helmet for five or more years can shrink or deform, and the thickness can become up to half the size it was.

As I mentioned earlier, most makers and safety organizations recommend replacing a helmet in five years. Here’s a post from Shoei about maintenance and helmet replacement; check that out if you want to know it from the makers themselves.

If there’s no way saving your old head bucket, it’s time to get a new one. But, first, check out our top recommendation in the ‘10 Best Low Profile Full Face Motorcycle Helmet‘ blog post; you can find some great lids there.

A Few Tips on How to Care for Your New Motorcycle Helmet so That it Lasts Longer

  • Keep your helmet clean.
  • Store it in a cool, dry place that is not in contact with direct sunlight
  • Be careful with what you put on or near your helmet – avoid storing it next to anything sharp or hot (i.e., ovens)
  • Be extra cautious not to dent or scratch it
  • Replace any broken parts as soon as possible so they don’t cause more damage to the rest of the helmet later on down the line.
  • Avoid wearing any headgear that isn’t designed for motorcycle riding – they can damage the surface.

Also, there are a whole bunch of motorcycle helmet maintenance tips and blog posts on our website. That includes ‘How to Clean Bike Helmets,’ be sure to check them out to make your head protector last longer.


Helmets are top protective gears; they protect your head from the rockhard asphalt in case of an accident. But, unfortunately, like any other equipment, they are also worn out or get damaged over time. And if that happens, it’s better to let the old one go and get a new one for your road safety.

Now that you know how to find out if the helmet you are using is still good enough or not and when to replace them. And, you are looking for a new motorcycle helmet, you can check our best motorcycle helmet post I hope you’ll find the solution to the problem you are looking for, Good Day!

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