Shoei GT Air 2 Helmet Review

If you want a premium quality Bluetooth-ready helmet that performs pretty well in both commuting and track, the Shoei GT Air 2 helmet is for you.

Key Takeaway

The Shoei GT Air 2 is an aggressive-looking and aerodynamically shaped helmet. It’s upgraded with innovative and suitable features while maintaining its previous model GT Air as its starting point. The shell structure is quite effective and it allows you to comfortably ride on both track and touring. It comes with an impressive communication add-on mechanism that perfectly blends with the shell design. And that gives this helmet a compact structure. The helmet has many amazing features, making it a somewhat well-deserved choice for both adventurer and track rides.

Also, if you like modular helmets then check out the Neotec 2 helmet, it’s kind of similar to this GT Air 2 helmet. So, let’s break the ice and start spilling the beans about this Shoei GT Air 2 helmet, here we go!

Detailed Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Shoei
  • Helmet type: Full-face helmet
  • Inner shape: Intermediate oval
  • Helmet weight: 3.79 (approx.)
  • Shell sizes: 3
  • Shell material: Fiberglass made AIM Shell
  • Interior materials: Removable and washable 3D Max-Dry Interior System
  • Face shield: Pinlock-ready CNS-1 Shield (Comes with Pinlock EVO lens)
  • Sun visor: Built-in QSV-2 sun shield
  • Compatible Bluetooth system: SENA SRL2
  • Safety certificates: DOT

Structure and Design

As I mentioned before, the shell shape of this helmet is aerodynamically optimized. And it has aggressive yet conventional styling that looks pretty cool, to be honest. This helmet can be easily adaptive to dynamic conditions, that you might face on a tour 

The aerodynamics of this helmet is modified with the help of pro riders and wind tunnel testing. That also makes it suitable for track or racing conditions. The spoiler you might notice at the back of the helmet is a part of the shell itself and it helps to reduce drag effects and lift. 

Its Noise-reduction system works just fine and makes the inner helmet environment kinda proper for the com device. Although this Bluetooth helmet might feel a bit loud for those who already are used to a quieter helmet. The shell and the helmet itself are Intercom-Ready designed and it’s a perfect fit for the SENA SRL2 Communication System. And the com device SRL2 is specially developed for this GT Air 2 helmet. 

The ventilation structure of this helmet is also good enough and it’s actually improved from the previous version. There are three intake vents and five rear vents that keep the airflow coming and let the hot air pass by. You can on and off the upper intake vent whereas the exhaust vents are always open. This upper shutter can be completely operated wearing gloves and this helps you be comfortable in any weather conditions.

Safety Measurements

For the safety section, this helmet is equipped with a Multi-Layer Matrix AIM shell. This shell is made with top-quality fiber materials such as fiberglass with resin and organic fibers. And this shell is hand-made by Shoei’s helmet experts who are specially trained for this. This handmade layered shell absorbs the energy of any potential impact and it also manages the flow of energy. 

The next line of defense is the EPS liner, it absorbs impact force using its variable foam thicknesses and layers. This advanced EPS liner also helps to make the helmet more compact and light-weighted. Not only that it also takes care of the ventilation process throughout the helmet. 

Like many of the Shoei helmets, this one also has the Emergency Quick Release System or (E.Q.R.S.). It helps the medical staff to quickly remove the cheek pads safely and soundly in case of an emergency. This process lets them remove the helmet from the injured person’s head with the least damage. 

This helmet comes with a Micro Ratchet Chinstrap with stainless steel joining system. That confirms smooth and fast opening and closing, which turned out pretty comfortable adjustable, and with no trouble.

And as for the certifications, the GT Air 2 is a DOT-approved helmet. It’s not been tested by SHARP yet, however, the previous version of this helmet GT Air got a 3-Star SHARP rating.

Face Shield or Visor

Well, this helmet comes with an extensive field of visibility equipped shield, they call it CNS-1 Shield. It’s a 3D injection-molded shield, which gives you a crystal-clear view all over its field of vision. What’s more, this helmet includes Pinlock EVO, which gives you an excellent fog-resistant environment inside the helmet. It’s so annoying if the visor fogs up easily but not with this one.

There’s a slightly open position upgraded to this shield mechanism. This is exactly what it sounds like, it allows you to keep the visor a little open for greater airflow inside the helmet. 

Also, the in-built QSV-2 Internal Sun Shield is decent enough. It’s actually 5mm longer than the previous version. That’s a good addition I’ll admit, however, it might bug you if the fitting is too tight and the SV eventually touches your nose. Unlike most of the helmets out there, the switch is in fact super easy to operate. The sun visor is a non-prescription ANSI Z80.3-2010 standard visor or sunglass you can say.


As a premium helmet, this one got a pretty comfy inner material and so it should be. I mean if you feel uncomfortable or itchy wearing a helmet, that’s anything but a good helmet. Shoei did a pretty great job with the comfortable material of this helmet. It offers a 3D Max-Dry Interior that offers greater absorption with comfort. 

The high-class Max-Dry fabric material absorbs quicker than the typical nylon-made interior. And the materials I mean the cheek pads and the interior is completely removable and washable. The cool thing about this helmet is there are Optional interior parts available. This means you can change the internal shape of the helmet to whichever you want, Intermediate, round or long Oval. 

The Multi-layer cheek pads on the other hand help the overall fitting and comfort of the user. And the safety feature E.Q.R.S. that’s mentioned earlier is pretty decent.

Fitting and size

Fitting is a very important thing to check out when you are looking for a helmet. An uncomfortable or oversized helmet can ruin your day, not to mention it’s quite dangerous on the road. As for this one, you can choose from XS (53-54 cm) to XXL (65-66 cm) internal sizes.
And for the inner shape, you can customize any type you like, there are optional parts available with it. Also, there are 3 shell sizes available, so that’s a relief you can say, just find out your head shape and you are ready to order.

Size Measurements (centimeters)
53-54 cm
55-56 cm
57-58 cm
59-60 cm
61-62 cm
63-64 cm

Reason to buy

This is an aggressive-looking and aerodynamic helmet that is wind tunnel tested by Shoei. It’s a premium quality helmet that you can use as a day-to-day helmet, and also can take to the racing track. What’s more, the Sena SRL 2 Bluetooth system is made specifically for this helmet along with the Neotec 2. So, you are getting a Bluetooth communication-ready helmet, with no Bluetooth device hanging outside the shell. And the Shoei build quality is there to ensure performance your comfort. If you want a premium Bluetooth helmet with quality features, the Shoei GT Ait 2 is for you.

Reason to avoid

As you can guess from the name, this is a premium helmet. And this one might be out of the budget for some people but quality comes with a price, you know. So, if you are looking for a Bluetooth-ready helmet on a budget, you can try the Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS helmet. Also, this helmet is a bit loud when you are riding at speed.


Overall, the Shoei GT Air 2 is a comfortable, good-looking premium helmet. It’s actually the upgraded version of the GT Air helmet and it comes with some innovative and updated features. The communication device-ready structure is actually pretty useful along with the other features. 

However, this helmet also has some drawbacks, especially at the price it comes. The visor mechanism and noise level are reportedly an issue you should keep in mind. But other than those, this Shoei helmet is a good choice worth checking out.

So, check out these helmets along with the GT Air 2 and I hope you’ll find the perfect one you are looking for. Good Day!!

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