Shark EVO One 2 Helmet Review

If you want a premium-quality modular helmet that is good for touring and commuting, the Shark EVO One 2 is a great option.

Key Takeaway

The Shark EVO One 2 is a nice-looking modular helmet. This helmet is also one of that kind and the flip-up mechanism of this Shark helmet is really cool. You can flip the chin bar all the way to the back and it perfectly blends with the helmet. Not only that this helmet also got a bunch of other useful features. And did really well in the safety and comfort department. This helmet is perfect for people who want a dedicated premium helmet for commuting and touring.

The flip-up mechanism is actually the evolution of the previous Evoline Series 3 from Shark. This EVO One 2 is even better, with updated features and a bunch of improved mechanisms. What attracts the most is the innovative and smooth flip-up mechanism, you can easily do that with one hand. And that is a great quality for a good modular helmet. So, let’s find out what this helmet got in the bag in this detailed review.

Detailed Specification

  • Manufacturer: Shark
  • Model: Shark EVO One 2
  • Helmet type: Modular
  • Shell sizes: 2
  • Inner shape: Round oval
  • Helmet weight: 4.03 lbs (approx.)
  • Shell material: Thermoplastic resin
  • Face shield: Pinlock-ready, comes with Max Vision Pinlock insert lens
  • Interior materials: CoolMax removable and washable interior
  • Safety certificates: DOT and ECE; 4-star (out of 5) in SHARP test

Structure and Design

The flip-up mechanism is actually the evolution of the previous Evoline Series 3 from Shark. This EVO One 2 is even better, with updated features and a bunch of improved mechanisms. What attracts the most is the innovative and smooth flip-up mechanism, you can easily do that with one hand.

As I said before, the flip-up structure of this modular helmet is innovative and convenient. The chin bar of the helmet flips to the rear of the helmet. And it looks flawless, and totally goes with the styling of the helmet. Not only that the flip-up mechanism is also super easy, similar to the LS2 Valiant which also got a similar flip-up system.

There’s a switch at the bottom of the chin bar, press it and flip it up. And the closure mechanism is also awesome and automated. They call it Auto-up / Auto-down mechanism, no need to get too excited about it, it’s not robotics or something like that.

It’s just the visor automatically goes up when you pull down the chin bar. You don’t need to lift the visor every time you close the chin bar. It’s nice and easy, and you’ll definitely gonna love this feature once you get the hang of it.

Despite being a modular helmet, the aerodynamics of the helmet seems to work just fine. It’s more like a roundish-shaped helmet and to be honest it’s a little bit heavier than the regular full-face helmets.


For the ventilation structure, there are a bunch of chin vents that can be controlled by a huge toggle switch. You can also close or open them from the inside. And there’s the flip-up mechanism, if you want more airflow on your face, just lift the chin bar. There are also two crown vents at the top of the helmet and each one of these is operated by a glove-friendly slider. And for letting the hot air pass through, there are passive vents at the back. These work just fine keeping you cool and maintaining the aerodynamics even if the chin bar is in the open position.

Safety Measurements

Safety is the main reason you wear a helmet when you ride your motorcycle. So, to confirm your own safety, wear a helmet every time you ride your motorcycle. And check out whether the helmet you are wearing is actually safe or not.

This modular helmet comes equipped with an Injected thermoplastic shell. That seems to be just fine, don’t just take my words for granted, check the safety certification as well.

This Shark helmet got DOT and ECE certifications. Also, it got an amazing 4-Stars rating out of 5 in the SHARP safety test. 

And the chin bar remained closed every time the helmet went through the test. That’s something you might not see in all modular helmets.

And another thing to mention, always consider keeping the chin bar closed whenever you hit the road. Not only for this helmet but the manufacturers of all modular helmets also warn the riders to keep the chin bar closed, at least at speed.

Face Shield or Visor

The shield of this helmet is a little bit different from the typical shields, you’ll see it on both sides of the helmet. It’s an optically clear visor, which is great, visibility is really important.

The cool thing is, it’s a Pinlock-ready shield and you’ll get a Pinlock Max Vision Insert included out of the box. This works really well at preventing fogging up and you’ll get it for free with this helmet. However, you shouldn’t flex the visor when installing the Pinlock lens, it might damage the shield.

Just gently put the side ends of the lens to the pins on the visor (one at a time) and press it slowly. It should fit right onto the face shield. The visor-changing mechanism is also quite unique, for a modular helmet at least.

Also, there’s the Auto up / Auto down mechanism when you flip the chin bar down. You can do it with only just one hand and even while riding (which is not recommended though).

There’s also the Inner Sunshield included with this helmet, which is anti-scratch and should give you a rest from the sunlight. And the SV drop-down mechanism can be operated with the help of a switch. That is on the top of the helmet and it should be a piece of cake to operate it with only one hand.


The interior of this EVO One 2 helmet seems comfortable enough. It’s made of CoolMax liner and it’s completely detachable and washable. This helmet got nice feedback from the users for comfort.

You should always search for a helmet that you in fact feel comfortable with. At the end of the day, you don’t want to spend your cash on a helmet you don’t feel comfortable with. And no worries for the riders with glasses, it’s an Eyewear friendly helmet. Like most premium helmets, the cheek pads are designed to comfortably fit glasses.

There’s also a chin curtain included in the helmet, which will block some airflow from the bottom of the helmet. And for the fastener, you get a Double D-ring chin strap, which is the most common strap that comes with any new helmet (most of the time). However, you can always add a quick-release one to the helmet, anytime you want.

Fitting and Sizing

Well, fitting is also important to check when you are choosing your helmet. A perfect-fitting helmet will be comfortable without a doubt.

This helmet, it got sizes from XS (53-54 cm) to 2XL (63-64 cm). Take note that, the XXL size is also known as the KS or King Size from Shark. And this helmet comes in 2 shell sizes, so you got a couple of options to choose from here.

The inner shape of this helmet is actually Round Oval, which is not the common western head shape. So, double-check that thing and if you have a Round Oval head shape, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the perfect fit helmet.

Size Measurements (centimeters)
53-54 cm
55-56 cm
57-58 cm
59-60 cm
61-62 cm
63-64 cm

Reason to buy

The Shark EVO One 2 is a cool looking modular helmet with its unique flip-up mechanism. And the flip-up and down function is very smooth that you can do it with one hand, in fact, it’s made to function with one hand. Also, this one got a solid 4-star rating in the SHARP test, which is pretty impressive. No need to worry about fogging up issues as it’s Pinlock-ready and they even give you one with this helmet. This helmet is great for touring, commuting, and day-to-day use. So, if you are looking for an innovative-looking modular helmet with quality features, this one is the right one for you.

Reason to avoid

This is a premium helmet with reasonable features and quality. However, some people think it’s overpriced; you can say it’s overpriced but it looks okay considering the features it got. Also as a modular helmet that got many innovative features and also pretty good safety rating, this helmet is quite heavy. So, if you want a light or budget-friendly helmet, this Shark EVO One 2 might be not good for you. You can go for the LS2 Valiant 2 helmet if you want similar features but with a budget-friendly price.


The EVO One 2 is a premium modular helmet from Shark. It got a unique flip-up mechanism that makes this helmet one of the best-designed modular helmets. You can make it a three-quarter helmet out of a modular. And unlike the most common modular helmets, the chin bar doesn’t keep hanging on the top of the helmet.

That is really a good feature of this helmet, however, there are also some complaints about this helmet. The build quality of this helmet might not please you, considering the money you are spending. But if you are looking for one of the coolest looking modular with some decent features, this helmet might be just the one for you.

That’s all, hope you find the helmet you are looking for and always wear a helmet whenever you ride.

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