Scorpion EXO R420 Helmet Review

The Scorpion R420 is an entry-level full-face helmet with some reliable features. Yes, it’s your day-to-day helmet that you might use for commuting or short tour maybe. You might not be too happy to take this helmet to the track, but for daily and rough use, this one is an ace (I mean, look at the price tag, insane!).

However, comparing it to its ancestor, you can clearly see how this helmet evolved. You can see the change from aerodynamics to ventilation and weight, and that’s for good. The safety level also improved from the previous one. And overall, the price tag of this helmet makes it look like it’s on a Black Friday sale.
So, let’s hop into the detailed review of this Scorpion R420 full-face street helmet and find out what kind of excellence it got.

Scorpion EXO R420 Helmet Review

Structure and Design

If you already saw the previous version of the R410 helmet, the first change you’ll notice is the structural change. Now it’s narrower than the former one and more aerodynamically shaped with the rear spoiler.

The shell structure is designed using Aero-tuned technology. That results in better aerodynamic drag. Also, it makes the helmet steadier at high speed and reduces exhaustion. The ventilation of this helmet is also improved, thanks to the same Aero-Tuned ventilation structure.

This helmet comes with a single top vent and a two-positioned chin vent for the ventilation process. There were two vents on the top in the previous one; here, you’ll get one large vent. And for the chin vent, you can easily adjust (open or close) it with a slider. This air intake structure is called the Ram-Air intake system and works pretty well along with the air channeling flow-thru system. There are also three rear vents at the back to exhaust the air from inside underneath the spoiler.

Overall, the ventilation structure seems quite well designed considering the price. As for the noise level, it’s tolerable, but you might find it a bit loud if you already have a better experience with a quieter helmet such as the Shoei RF-1400.

To be honest, the color and graphics variation of this helmet reminds me of the Icon AirFlite helmet. There are both solid and funky graphics available, so you can choose from a bunch of options here.

Safety Measurements

It’s not all about the looks; a ‘good’ helmet should also provide the rider a decent safety. And this is what this Scorpion street helmet does.

This R420 comes equipped with an advanced LG Polycarbonate shell. Many middle-range helmets from Scorpion also come with this shell; take the EXO AT950 as an example. And this shell is good enough to protect the rider on the road. Also, there’s a Multi-Layer EPS Liner, which effectively absorbs the energy in case of an impact.

This helmet is DOT, and SNELL M2015 approved. Well, every helmet on our motorcycle helmet review list is DOT certified. But it’s rare to see an entry-level helmet with SNELL certification. It seems Scorpion put the features of a middle-range helmet in this very competitive budget-range helmet.

Also, the EMT-Friendly Emergency Release Cheek Pads are indeed a lifesaving feature. This feature allows the Emergency Medic Team to pull out the cheek pads quickly and securely in case of an accident.

Face Shield or Visor

Well, this EXO R420 comes with an optically clear shield out of the box, not the black or the iridium one you might see everywhere. The shield is what they call the EverClear anti-fog Face shield. The viewport and the visor are wide enough, increasing the visibility. Note that this helmet doesn’t come with a Pinlock insert; the visor is not Pinlock-ready out of the box.

Instead, Scorpion has this EverClear treatment coated on the inner side of the shield. It seems to work pretty well; however, things might be the same in the cold weather. But if you spend a few extra bucks, there’s a solution for this; you can purchase Pinlock ready visor and a Pinlock insert. Not to mention the shield has an anti-scratch coat on it, and it’s supposed to offer 95% protection from UV rays.

Another amazing fact about these Scorpion shields is the EllipTec II Visor Release mechanism. And the center locking mechanism also seems decent. It helps securely lock the visor, and the seal between the shield and gasket is good enough.

As I said, the locking system is centered and should help the riders easily operate it with both hands. Most likely, you’ll open and close it with your left hand, and the EllipTec tech comes in handy here. Again, helps the process of locking, and you can do it while riding.


It’s important for a helmet to be that comfortable so that a rider can focus on driving instead of adjusting it every few minutes. And Scorpion pulled this off just fine; the KwikWick II interior is not half bad. It’s anti-microbial fabric, detachable and washable like most of the other helmets in this budget.

And the cheek pads are also innovative; these Kwikfit cheek pads are comfortable and really easy to put on and off. These pads also make it an eyewear-friendly helmet. So you can easily put on your glasses while wearing this helmet, a piece of cake.

You’ll also find speaker pockets for any BlueTooth communication system, and it shouldn’t be too tight after you put the speakers. Another good thing is the Breath Deflector is included with the helmet (unlike the Pinlock-ready shield). It’ll help to maintain a fog-free environment inside the helmet. And the additional Chin Curtain called Aero Skirt is also included for a quieter riding experience.

Fittings and Size

The helmet’s fitting comes from XS (53-54 cm) to 3XL (65-66 cm). So you should be able to find the perfect fitting one here. And for the inner shape, you get an Intermediate Oval shaped helmet. The previous one was a round-shaped helmet, by the way. Also, keep in mind that the 3XL size comes with DOT only. And this R420 comes in two shell sizes.

While choosing a helmet, take your time finding out what shape and size fit you. And you’ll most likely find the perfect helmet without breaking a sweat.


  • Great value for the money
  • EllipTec II Ratchet System
  • Aero-Tuned optimized ventilation
  • Aero-tuned aggressive shell structure
  • Emergency release cheek pads
  • SNELL and DOT certified


  • A Bit Loud
  • No Pinlock-ready shield
  • Cheek Pads might be too tight


Well, this Scorpion EXO R420 helmet is something you might call a weekend-sell win. They are just giving you a helmet with middle-range helmet features at a competitive price. Better aerodynamics, better comfort, and still rocking as an affordable helmet out there. Yes, there are some additional accessories you have to buy if to use the helmet to its fullest.

If you are looking for helmets on this budget, there are also a few you might want to check out. Such as Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS, AGV K3 SV, or AGV K1.

I think it’s a win-win situation considering the features of this EXO R420 helmet. However, it’s completely okay to disagree; everyone has a different point of view and priorities. So, if you point out something, be sure to mention that in the comment section below.

Have a great day!

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